In 2017, while I was traveling through India, a friend from the northeastern state of Assam told me about the communities of Lost Tribe Jews in the neighboring state of Mizoram. Having grown up in a Jewish family without ever fully embracing the religion of my observant parents, I wasContinue Reading

“Yallah, yallah, yallah! Woooo!” I was visiting the pyramids of Giza, Egypt, in the company of Mark Lehner, a renowned Egyptologist, when suddenly a series of voices erupted and echoed throughout the site. Our small group turned to face the commotion, wondering what had happened — and if anything wasContinue Reading

Some years ago, while exploring Bhuj, a small city in Gujarat, India’s westernmost state, I stumbled upon a beautiful and initially enigmatic structure: a column that supported an enclosure adorned with hundreds of holes. It seemed to me to be a geometric abstraction of a giant tree — until aContinue Reading

With a map in one hand and a cold beer in the other, I sat alone at the bar of the Baobab Beach Backpackers Lodge in the coastal town of Vilankulo, gazing out at the sweeping sandbars and vivid turquoise waters that surround Mozambique’s Bazaruto Archipelago. I’d planned to leaveContinue Reading

The silence underwater is overwhelming. Time passes quickly. Having spotted my target, I focus on it intensely, knowing that if I miss, and the animal gets away, it may learn from the encounter and be harder to hunt in the future. As I approach, armed with my spear, I watchContinue Reading

Amid the roar of artillery and bone-rattling explosions, New York Times photographers have borne graphic witness to the fight to survive. These are their stories and images. Photographs and Text by Lynsey Addario, Finbarr O’Reilly and Ivor Prickett June 1, 2022 Through the three months of Russia’s invasion, New York TimesContinue Reading

“We are building roads and schools for people that hate us. It is not in our national interests,” Donald Trump, February 2012, Twitter “We saw a mission of counterterrorism in Afghanistan….morph into ..nation building, trying to create a democratic, cohesive and united Afghanistan. Something that has never been done overContinue Reading

I could barely tell where the salt ended and the sky began. I was on my way to Masirah, Oman’s largest island, when the surrounding terrain turned into a massive salt flat. At its edge, near the road, two Bangladeshi workers were up to their ankles in the mixture ofContinue Reading

ROME — Letizia Battaglia, a photographer who chronicled years of Sicilian Mafia bloodshed in Palermo, Italy, in unflinching images that became ingrained in the national consciousness, died on Wednesday at her home in Palermo. She was 87. Her daughter Patrizia Stagnitta confirmed her death but did not specify the cause.Continue Reading