In 2017, Mr. O’Toole unsuccessfully sought to replace Mr. Harper as the party’s leader, running as a moderate. Last year, he prevailed with a hard-right approach, running as a “true blue Conservative” (blue is the party’s color) who promised to “take back” Canada. Once he won, though, Mr. O’Toole repudiatedContinue Reading

OTTAWA — A cavalcade of big rigs rumbled into the Canadian capital, blocked major streets, drew thousands of supporters, enraged residents and captured the attention of a shocked nation for three weeks. Now they’re gone, leaving Canadians to grapple with some high stakes questions about their country’s political future. WasContinue Reading

This week there was a surprise turn of events in Parliament that was highly unusual if not unprecedented. Conservatives shocked political analysts by wholly embracing a polarizing bill that just before the election the majority had vehemently opposed. Some Conservatives even hugged members of the opposition after they unanimously votedContinue Reading

Canada will make vaccination mandatory as of next Tuesday for air and rail passengers, and as of Oct. 29 for federal government workers, including members of the military and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Wednesday. “We have covered a lot of ground against Covid-19,”Continue Reading

Over the past few weeks, analysts and political advisers have repeatedly told me that Monday’s vote, which cost 600 million Canadian dollars to hold, would produce a Parliament that looked pretty much like the one Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dissolved in August. [Read: Trudeau Will Remain Prime Minister, but FallsContinue Reading

Since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada called a snap election last month — two years ahead of schedule — he has struggled to explain why he thinks it’s necessary. The last general election, in 2019, left his Liberal Party in a weakened position, able to govern only with theContinue Reading

As the 36-day snap election called by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau staggers toward Monday’s vote, the Liberals and the Conservatives remain locked in a statistical tie in the polls. It’s been a largely desultory campaign with few highlights, and an English-language debate that was widely criticized for using a formatContinue Reading