LONDON — Kevin Spacey, the Oscar- and Tony Award-winning actor, appeared on Thursday in a London court facing charges of sexual assault. Nearly five years after accusations began to emerge against him, Mr. Spacey, 62, is facing four charges of sexual assault in Britain, as well as one of causingContinue Reading

LONDON — Donald J. Trump sits grumpily at the wheel of a golf cart as he drives onto the stage of the Old Vic theater in London. Swerving to a halt, he hauls himself out of the tiny cab, pulls a club from a golf bag, scratches his backside, swingsContinue Reading

Since England’s theaters reopened without restrictions in July, one thing has been as notable as the action onstage: the lack of masks in the audience. Unlike in Broadway theaters, patrons here have not been required to wear face coverings, and many attendees have chosen to ignore preshow announcements encouraging themContinue Reading