WASHINGTON — The F.B.I. informed the Israeli government in a 2018 letter that it had purchased Pegasus, the notorious hacking tool, to collect data from mobile phones to aid ongoing investigations, the clearest documentary evidence to date that the bureau weighed using the spyware as a tool of law enforcement.Continue Reading

MADRID — The chief of Spain’s intelligence agency was ousted by the government on Tuesday following the disclosure that her agency had used powerful spyware to infiltrate the cellphones of Catalan separatist politicians. The government’s dismissal of Paz Esteban — who was the first woman to run the intelligence agency,Continue Reading

TEL AVIV — The Israeli justice ministry announced Monday that its weekslong investigation had found no evidence to suggest the Israeli police had systematically bypassed judicial oversight to hack the phones of civilians. The announcement contradicted recent claims in the Israeli news media that rogue detectives had used surveillance softwareContinue Reading

When an Israeli company released a new spyware product known as Pegasus in 2011, it changed cyberwarfare. Pegasus could reliably decipher the communications of smartphones without the phone’s user knowing and without the cooperation of AT&T, Apple or any other company. Mexico’s government bought Pegasus — from NSO Group, theContinue Reading

NAIROBI, Kenya — Apple warned two Ugandan journalists and an opposition figure last week that their iPhones may have been hacked by a state-sponsored surveillance entity, the targeted people said on Saturday, and at least one attack appeared to have employed spyware from an Israeli company blacklisted by the UnitedContinue Reading