Germany was the last European country to have banned most travelers from Great Britain in order to slow down the spread of the Omicron variant. German nationals and residents are still allowed to travel from the UK. They must have a negative test and be in quarantine for two weeksContinue Reading

The Netherlands have initiated a strict lockdown over Christmas due to concerns about the Omicron coronavirus variant. Shops, bars, gyms, hairdressers and other public facilities that are not strictly necessary are closed until at least January 14th. Two guests per household are allowed – four over the holidays. Prime MinisterContinue Reading

British researchers have analyzed the likely effects of a Covid booster vaccination on Omicron, saying it could offer around 85% protection against serious illness. The protection is slightly less than that of vaccines against previous versions of Covid. But it does mean the top-up dose should still keep a lotContinue Reading

The UK’s senior official has resigned from his role as head of an investigation into blocking parties on Downing Street after it was discovered that an event was taking place in his own office. Simon Case was supposed to report alleged violations of the Covid rules at events for employeesContinue Reading

The Omicron variant is spreading “at lightning speed” in Europe and is expected to dominate France early next year, warned French Prime Minister Jean Castex. He spoke on Friday, hours before France imposed strict travel restrictions on those coming from the UK. The UK has been hardest hit in theContinue Reading

The US Congress passed a bill requiring companies to prove that goods imported from China’s Xinjiang region were not made using forced labor. The US has accused China of genocide in suppressing the predominantly Muslim Uighur minority – an accusation that China has repeatedly denied. The bill had been criticizedContinue Reading

It’s been 10 years since an untested 27-year-old took power in North Korea, and in that time few world leaders have made so many headlines. But what was it like living under Kim Jong-un? The howl filled the streets of Pyongyang. Students in school uniforms fell to their knees lookingContinue Reading

France tightens Covid restrictions on travelers from the UK as the government in Paris tries to slow the spread of the Omicron variant. The office of the French Prime Minister said that travelers would have to provide a compelling reason for their entry into France from Saturday. All comers mustContinue Reading

Had the coronavirus pandemic not occurred, Jack Onyango would likely still live alone, work in Kenya’s capital and send money back to his wife and children in his country house far away. Like so many Kenyans, he moved to Nairobi as a young man because he believed that this wasContinue Reading

European leaders are expected to warn Russia that hostile actions against Ukraine could come at a “high price” amid concerns over Russian armed forces build-up on the Ukrainian border. The message, to be agreed during a European Council summit in Brussels, will be the West’s latest warning of Russian aggression.Continue Reading