Jeff Bezos will not be able to sail a new, more than 400-foot-long superyacht through the waters of the Dutch city of Rotterdam anytime soon. The port city drew backlash months ago as it considered dismantling a section of a 95-year-old bridge to allow the Amazon founder’s yacht to pass.Continue Reading

It has all the elements of an espionage thriller: An accused Russian spy who concocted an identity as a Brazilian. The creation of an elaborate cover story. And what Dutch authorities said appeared to be a foiled plot to gain access to the International Criminal Court as it investigates RussianContinue Reading

Uber Technologies Inc. lost another suit over its drivers’ working rights after an Amsterdam court ruled workers who ferry passengers using the Uber app in the Netherlands are covered by a local collective labor law. The legal relationship between Uber and its drivers meets all of the characteristics of anContinue Reading

But determining when, and in whom, the mutations first appeared requires many more virus samples from farm workers, local residents and mink, collected before and after the outbreak. “That data doesn’t exist,” said Arinjay Banerjee, a virologist at the University of Saskatchewan. Throughout 2020, testing was difficult for Americans toContinue Reading

Much of the work of finding Ukrainian students new homes has been led by the New York-based Youth American Grand Prix, an organization that runs competitions to help dancers secure scholarships. It had been scheduled to hold its first-ever event in Ukraine in March. Larissa Saveliev, the organization’s co-founder andContinue Reading

Mr. Hallberg said Ms. Smirnova was “very brave” to leave the Bolshoi, given she wasn’t just leaving a company, but an institution that “was in her DNA.” Ms. Smirnova is not the only high-profile artist to leave Russia. On the day war began, Alexei Ratmansky, ballet’s pre-eminent choreographer and aContinue Reading

The Netherlands, home to 1.6 million cows (and over 17 million people), is a major producer of dairy, of which about two-thirds is exported, according to the Dutch Dairy Association. In 2020, the Netherlands exported 7.5 billion euros (about $8.1 billion) worth of dairy products. Mr. Dekker said he hadContinue Reading

It was a late February evening in 2020, and I was standing in the marshlands of Friesland, a northern province in the Netherlands. Above my head, hundreds of thousands of starlings were swirling, swooping and diving in a dramatic fashion, blackening the sky. The sound of their wings reverberated throughContinue Reading

Dozens of theaters and museums in the Netherlands planned to open as hair salons and gyms on Wednesday in what was billed as a playful protest over a continued nationwide lockdown in the arts sector even as restrictions on some businesses were reduced. The country entered a full lockdown inContinue Reading

NIJMEGEN, the Netherlands — The email came at 3 a.m., giving Nematullah Khosh Ahmadi and his wife, Masouma Ebrahimi, three hours to decide whether to get on an evacuation flight to the Netherlands and leave Afghanistan, their homeland, perhaps never to return. Living under Taliban rule was not an optionContinue Reading