The secretary of the Army has issued a memo warning the hundreds of thousands of soldiers in its National Guard that if they decline to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, they may not be renewed in the guard. “I have determined that all soldiers who refuse the mandatory vaccination orderContinue Reading

OKLAHOMA CITY — The governor of Oklahoma this week dismissed the state’s highest ranking military official, a vocal backer of Covid vaccinations, replacing him with a general who immediately issued orders that contravene federal vaccine requirements for military personnel. The governor, Kevin Stitt, is one of a number of RepublicanContinue Reading

Gov. Tim Walz of Minnesota said on Friday that he would call upon the state’s National Guard to help ease staffing shortages that have kept hospitals from transferring Covid-19 patients for stepped-down care at long-term care facilities. Mr. Walz called the transfers a “very typical thing in our medical system”Continue Reading

The two main hospitals in Shasta County, Mercy Medical Center, shown here, and Shasta Regional Medical Center, last week received a deployment of 16 National Guard medics and other staff to help treat patients at the overwhelmed facilities that serve as a major medical hub for a wide swath ofContinue Reading

Governors from five states have written a joint letter to Lloyd J. Austin III, the defense secretary, asking that their National Guard troops be exempted from a federal coronavirus vaccine mandate, greatly escalating what had been a single state conflict over inoculations. “Setting punishment requirements for refusing to be Covid-19Continue Reading