LONDON — The Victoria & Albert Museum in London has one of Britain’s most eccentric collections of treasures. In one room of the decorative and applied arts museum sits the Great Bed of Ware, a 10-foot-wide four-poster bed that was such a popular tourist attraction in 16th-century England that WilliamContinue Reading

Gira Sarabhai, an architect, designer, curator and historian who helped establish some of the most important design institutions in postcolonial India, giving her a hand in shaping generations of designers, artists and craftspeople, died on July 15 at her home in Ahmedabad, in the western Indian state of Gujarat. SheContinue Reading

Here’s a surprise: While Athenians were locked down because of the pandemic, a flurry of creative and entrepreneurial activity was underway. The outcome? A total of 272 new restaurants, according to the local industry association, as well as hundreds more cafes and bars. The city also acquired 34 new hotels,Continue Reading

Nearly 20 years ago, Andrea Carmen, a member of the Yaqui Nation, an Indigenous group in Mexico and the United States, was at an event commemorating International Day of Indigenous Peoples at a museum in Stockholm. Afterward, she was invited to view the museum’s collection of items from the Americas.Continue Reading

A protester who faked a disability to get close to the Mona Lisa in a wheelchair stood up and smeared a pastry on its glass case on Sunday, according to the Louvre museum in Paris. The painting, one of the world’s most recognizable pieces of art, was not damaged, museumContinue Reading

In fact, sometimes art accelerates, even as bombs rain down. Two Ukrainian artists, Vlada Ralko and Volodymyr Budnikov, spent a month living in an unused gallery in the suddenly empty palace after the Russian invasion, Mr. Voznyak said. They donated dozens of works they had produced, many of them depictingContinue Reading

The Smithsonian Institution announced Tuesday that is has adopted a policy that will formally authorize its constituent museums to return items from their collections that were looted or were otherwise once acquired unethically. The institution’s leaders said the policy, which took effect Friday, represents a shift away from the stanceContinue Reading

“For what purpose, no one knows,” he said. “But thanks to these people and the operational work carried out, residents of the city of Melitopol — and not only Melitopol — will be able to observe again a large collection of Scythian gold.” He did not say when or whereContinue Reading