TARHUNA, Libya — It is hard to find a starker illustration of the failures of Libya’s political leaders than Tarhuna, a town set between the Mediterranean coast and the desert where seven brothers from the Kani family and their militiamen detained, tortured and killed hundreds of residents in a five-yearContinue Reading

MISURATA, Libya — When Taha al-Baskini won a part in a new play about soldiers who reunite after dying in combat, his costume was already in his closet. His onstage camouflage pants were the same ones he had worn as a militia fighter during Libya’s most recent civil war aContinue Reading

A top Libyan electoral official said it would be impossible to hold a long-awaited presidential election scheduled for Friday, a delay that risks further destabilizing the oil-rich North African nation that has been beset by division and violence in the decade since the dictator Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi was toppled andContinue Reading