Speaking Thursday, Mr. Morrison said the reinforced security alliance with the United States and Britain, which will include collaborations on artificial intelligence and other emerging technology, reflected the needs of a more dangerous dynamic in the Asia-Pacific region. “The relatively benign environment we’ve enjoyed for many decades in our regionContinue Reading

But China’s aggressive tactics in the Pacific and the need to ensure the security around Taiwan required the United States to empower Australia, even if it meant carving an exception to the effort to reduce the use of weapons-grade nuclear fuel, according to Elbridge Colby, the former deputy assistant secretaryContinue Reading

Good morning. We’re covering a change of power in Australia, President Biden’s trip to Asia and catastrophic floods in India and Bangladesh. Australia’s incoming Labor leader Prime Minister Scott Morrison conceded defeat to Anthony Albanese, the incoming Labor prime minister, ending nine years of conservative leadership. The opposition Labor partyContinue Reading

SYDNEY, Australia — The incumbent prime minister, Scott Morrison, pushed Australia to the right and called himself “a bit of a bulldozer.” His Labor challenger, Anthony Albanese, ran as a modest Mr. Fix-It, promising to seek “renewal, not revolution.” In the end, moderation triumphed. Mr. Albanese won Saturday’s election withContinue Reading

Grill sausages and onions until they are nicely browned. Take a slice of white bread, place sausage diagonally and top with onions. Fold. Garnish to taste. Now if only the business of democracy were that simple. Every Election Day in Australia, the smoky aroma of sizzling sausages permeates the airContinue Reading

When Scott Morrison first became Australia’s prime minister in 2018, he was so little known that when he went to shake the hand of a soccer fan, the confused man asked: “What’s your name, then?” After nearly four years at the helm, Mr. Morrison’s pitch to voters this time aroundContinue Reading

Australians go to the polls on Saturday to choose a government as the country, emerging from two years of Covid-fueled isolation, faces rising inflation, persistent anxiety about climate change and growing foreign policy challenges. After nine years in power, the conservative coalition — now led by Prime Minister Scott MorrisonContinue Reading

The Australia Letter is a weekly newsletter from our Australia bureau. Sign up to get it by email. Perhaps the ugliest part of Australia’s election campaign has been the debate around the rights of transgender people. Katherine Deves, Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s handpicked candidate for the seat of Warringah, courtedContinue Reading

LISMORE, Australia — As the floodwaters rose higher and higher, submerging the stilts that once protected his home, Laurence Axtens grabbed a chair and placed it on top of a table. Into this last-ditch perch he muscled his 91-year-old mother and then called for help. The police said that thereContinue Reading

MELBOURNE, Australia — Australia’s prime minister declared a national emergency on Wednesday as more than a week of severe rain along the country’s eastern coast has caused some of the worst flooding in Australian history and inundated swaths of two of its largest cities. The prime minister, Scott Morrison, saidContinue Reading