Kuwait announced last month that it planned to invest more than $6 billion in exploration over the next five years to increase production to four million barrels a day, from 2.4 million now. This month, the United Arab Emirates, a major OPEC member that produces four million barrels of oilContinue Reading

Good morning. We’re covering Singapore’s testy reopening, mounting tensions over Taiwan and China’s fraught custody battles. Singapore’s uncertain reopening Vaccines were supposed to be the city-state’s ticket back to normalcy. But even with an 83 percent vaccination rate, Singapore is not opening up. Instead, the government reinstated restrictions and urgedContinue Reading

OTTAWA — A Canadian man admitted in court on Friday that he made up tales about serving as an Islamic State fighter and executioner in Syria. In exchange, Canadian authorities dropped criminal charges against him of perpetrating a hoax involving the threat of terrorism. The man, Shehroze Chaudhry, had spreadContinue Reading

JERUSALEM — One night last month, a top Israeli minister traveled the winding roads of the occupied West Bank to meet Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority. The meeting between Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Mr. Abbas at the octogenarian Palestinian leader’s private residence — less than aContinue Reading

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia — During his painful encounters with a series of Arab strongmen here in Saudi Arabia this weekend, President Biden kept returning to a single reason for renewing his relationship with American allies who fall on the wrong side of the struggle he often describes as a battleContinue Reading

JERUSALEM — This is what international diplomacy has come to in the era of President Biden, also known as POTUS. A couple months ago he traveled to Asia, where, having abandoned the TPP, he tried to form the IPEF and also met with the Quad. After returning home, he traveledContinue Reading

JERUSALEM — President Biden left Washington for a four-day trip to the Middle East on Tuesday to try to slow down an accelerating Iranian nuclear program, speed up the flow of oil to American pumps and reshape the relationship with Saudi Arabia without seeming to embrace a crown prince theContinue Reading

JERUSALEM — When President Biden arrives in the Middle East this week, on his first visit as American head of state, he will find a region where alliances, priorities and relations with the United States have shifted significantly since his last official trip, six years ago. His visit opens inContinue Reading

BEIRUT, Lebanon — The Hezbollah militant group said it trucked more than a million gallons of Iranian diesel fuel into Lebanon from Syria on Thursday, celebrating the move as a way of spiting the United States while bringing much-needed aid to a country nearly paralyzed by fuel shortages. With LebanonContinue Reading