Good morning. We’re covering South Korea’s new president, the Philippines election fallout and Japan’s weakened yen. A new president in South Korea During his inaugural speech on Tuesday, President Yoon Suk-yeol made promises to heal political and economic divides in South Korea and proposed an ambitious package of economic incentivesContinue Reading

A number of high-profile names were added Friday to the European Union’s list of sanctioned individuals as part of the bloc’s fifth package of measures against Russia, none more personal for President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia than his own daughters. The daughters, Katerina Tikhonova and Maria Putina, who hasContinue Reading

“The powerful actively promote the idea of war,” he said. “Aggressive marketing of war affects people and they start thinking that war is acceptable.” At the same time, he said, the ideas of liberal democracy are under threat. “The world has fallen out of love with democracy,” Mr. Muratov lamentedContinue Reading

After a year in which only one out of 13 Nobel laureates was a woman, a top official at the institution that awards some of the prizes dismissed the idea of gender quotas, saying the current system was in line with “the spirit of Alfred Nobel’s last will.” Goran K.Continue Reading

Good morning. We’re covering Singapore’s testy reopening, mounting tensions over Taiwan and China’s fraught custody battles. Singapore’s uncertain reopening Vaccines were supposed to be the city-state’s ticket back to normalcy. But even with an 83 percent vaccination rate, Singapore is not opening up. Instead, the government reinstated restrictions and urgedContinue Reading

The young editors and reporters of the Philippine news site Rappler were already busy on Friday. It was the last day to file papers for next year’s elections, and among the races they were covering was who would run to replace Rodrigo Duterte, the president who has for years attackedContinue Reading

Seeking to bolster press freedoms at a time when journalists find themselves under increasing pressure from authoritarian governments and other hostile forces, the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday was awarded to two journalists thousands of miles apart for their tireless efforts to hold the powerful to account. The journalists, MariaContinue Reading

The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to two journalists, Maria Ressa and Dmitri Muratov, comes at a time of growing assaults on a free press across the world, as authoritarian governments extend their reach and the slogan of “fake news” is used to suppress dissenting views. Ms. Ressa hasContinue Reading