BEIRUT, Lebanon — A Lebanese minister whose criticism of the Saudi-led war in Yemen prompted a diplomatic rift between Lebanon and powerful Persian Gulf states led by Saudi Arabia, resigned from his post on Friday, saying he hoped it would solve a crisis that has further damaged his country’s strugglingContinue Reading

PARIS — Josephine Baker, born in Missouri and beloved of France, whose life spanned French music-hall stardom and American civil rights activism, on Tuesday became the first Black woman to be inducted into the Panthéon, the nation’s hallowed tomb of heroes. On a gray afternoon, 46 years after her deathContinue Reading

PARIS — Perhaps France was always going to have a hard time with nonbinary pronouns. Its language is intensely gender-specific and fiercely protected by august authorities. Still, the furor provoked by a prominent dictionary’s inclusion of the pronoun “iel” has been remarkably virulent. Le Petit Robert, rivaled only by theContinue Reading

Violent protests over vaccine mandates have rocked France’s overseas department of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean over the past week, fueled by longstanding social and economic frustrations over inequality with the mainland and simmering anger at being overlooked by the French government. Guadeloupe, an archipelago of islands, is one of severalContinue Reading

new video loaded: Harris Meets with Macron to Renew U.S.-France Relationship transcript Back transcript Harris Meets with Macron to Renew U.S.-France Relationship Vice President Kamala Harris met with Emmanuel Macron, the French president, after President Biden conceded to Mr. Macron that the handling of a submarine deal involving the UnitedContinue Reading

In 2018, Mr. Trump skipped a visit to a veterans cemetery further outside of Paris. In 2020, Mr. Trump denied a report in The Atlantic that he had mocked that cemetery as “filled with losers.” On Thursday, Ms. Harris will attend an Armistice Day ceremony with Mr. Macron and deliverContinue Reading

President Emmanuel Macron of France announced the tightening of an anti-coronavirus measure on Tuesday, as virus cases kept rising across France and the rest of Europe. In a televised speech, Mr. Macron called the trends worrying and urged people to get vaccinated against the coronavirus as soon as possible. PeopleContinue Reading

PARIS — A former security aide to President Emmanuel Macron of France was found guilty on Friday of assaulting protesters and posing as a police officer at a labor demonstration in 2018, in a case that caused the administration’s first major scandal and led to intense criticism of Mr. Macron’sContinue Reading

Emmanuel Macron has increased tensions with Britain by warning that the fishing rights dispute is a test of Britain’s global credibility. Mr Macron told the Financial Times that Britain’s step back on Brexit commitments was “not a big sign of … credibility”. It comes amid a dispute between Britain andContinue Reading

new video loaded: Biden Admits U.S. Handling of Submarine Deal Was ‘Clumsy’ transcript Back transcript Biden Admits U.S. Handling of Submarine Deal Was ‘Clumsy’ President Biden met with President Emmanuel Macron of France at the French Embassy in Rome to reaffirm their relationship, after Australia called off a nuclear-powered submarineContinue Reading