LONDON — Britain’s High Court agreed on Wednesday to intervene in a sexual assault lawsuit against Prince Andrew, clearing the way for him to answer a legal claim in the United States that he sexually abused a minor while a guest of Jeffrey Epstein. Andrew, the second son of QueenContinue Reading

LONDON — Kevin Spacey, the Oscar- and Tony Award-winning actor, appeared on Thursday in a London court facing charges of sexual assault. Nearly five years after accusations began to emerge against him, Mr. Spacey, 62, is facing four charges of sexual assault in Britain, as well as one of causingContinue Reading

LONDON — The shell of Grenfell Tower, the scene of Britain’s deadliest residential fire since World War II, still looms over the northwest London neighborhood where it burned on June 14, 2017. Now, shrouded in white plastic, it stands as a visible reminder of the 72 lives lost. Five yearsContinue Reading

LONDON — British law enforcement and elections officials said they will not investigate a major political donation to the Conservative Party that had been flagged as a suspected illegal campaign donation in documents linking it to a Russian bank account. The decision, announced late Thursday, lifts a legal cloud overContinue Reading

In 1978, Georgi Markov, a Bulgarian dissident, was said to have been jabbed with a poison-tipped umbrella in London with the connivance of the K.G.B. The Federal Security Service, the K.G.B.’s successor, was implicated in subsequent poisonings of Mr. Putin’s critics. Mr. Litvinenko was investigating the death of Anna Politkovskaya,Continue Reading

Opposition leaders seized on the result to paint Conservative lawmakers as having endorsed the leadership of a lawbreaking prime minister. “Conservative MP’s made their choice tonight,” said the leader of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer. “They have ignored the wishes of the British public.” Voters, he said, are “fed upContinue Reading

LONDON — The most eagerly anticipated guests at Friday’s thanksgiving service arrived well before the senior members of the royal family. Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, walked into St. Paul’s Cathedral shortly after 11 a.m., turning every head in the vaulting nave as the couple walked, hand in hand,Continue Reading

LONDON — Ecstatic cheers bounced around a specially built 3,000-capacity hexagonal arena Thursday night as the members of Abba — one of pop music’s behemoths — slowly emerged from beneath the stage, their classic ’70s hairstyles leading the way, to play their first concert in over 40 years. As aContinue Reading

LONDON — “Tomb of Sand,” a novel about an 80-year-old Indian woman’s sudden decision to travel to Pakistan, was named on Thursday as the winner of the International Booker Prize, the prestigious award for fiction translated into English. Geetanjali Shree, the book’s author, and Daisy Rockwell, who translated the 739-pageContinue Reading

LONDON — Trainspotters and public transport enthusiasts crowded outside futuristic stations across London on Tuesday morning, lining up for hours to wait for a first glimpse of the latest addition to the city’s famed tube system. The Elizabeth line officially opened at 6:30 a.m., after years of construction, a numberContinue Reading