Behold the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex — all swaddled in a cozy Christmas sweater. The replica T. rex at the Natural History Museum in London is an enormous, ferocious-looking beast that was built to scale, standing about 60 percent the size of the 40-foot-long prehistoric creature. The animatronic attraction, which featuresContinue Reading

Since England’s theaters reopened without restrictions in July, one thing has been as notable as the action onstage: the lack of masks in the audience. Unlike in Broadway theaters, patrons here have not been required to wear face coverings, and many attendees have chosen to ignore preshow announcements encouraging themContinue Reading

LONDON — The thwack of fists hitting hand pads echoed through the studio as pairs of women circled each other, striking blows and blocking them, with a singular focus. A solid jab from one woman elicited an approving murmur from her sweaty partner. Another ducked in anticipation of an incomingContinue Reading

In the British tabloid The Mail on Sunday, Peter Hitchens, a columnist, wrote that he’d seen one of Amal’s events. “Syrian refugees are not little girls but strapping young men,” he contended. “I wonder how a huge puppet of such a person would be greeted.” Zuabi, the project’s artistic director,Continue Reading

Thousands of excited passengers flocked to Heathrow Airport on Monday for the first flights to the United States out of London since the Biden administration lifted a travel ban on many international visitors. The passengers were welcomed by dozens of airline employees, who beamed and waved American flags as theyContinue Reading

When the South African writer Damon Galgut learned that his novel, “The Promise,” was shortlisted for the Booker Prize, he was filled with anxiety. Galgut had been shortlisted twice before, in 2003 and 2010, and both times, the stress of the nominations “probably shaved a few years off my life.”Continue Reading

new video loaded: U.K. Lawmaker Killed in Stabbing Attack transcript Back transcript U.K. Lawmaker Killed in Stabbing Attack David Amess, a Conservative member of Parliament, was fatally stabbed inside a church where he was meeting with constituents in the town of Leigh-on-Sea, about 40 miles east of London. “Just afterContinue Reading

LONDON — The Victoria & Albert Museum in London has one of Britain’s most eccentric collections of treasures. In one room of the decorative and applied arts museum sits the Great Bed of Ware, a 10-foot-wide four-poster bed that was such a popular tourist attraction in 16th-century England that WilliamContinue Reading

LONDON — The police officer who pleaded guilty to the abduction, rape and murder of Sarah Everard — a 33-year-old London woman whose death inspired national calls for better protections for women — was sentenced on Thursday to life in prison by Britain’s top criminal court. The sentence was announcedContinue Reading