The Supreme Court has overturned the constitutional right to an abortion in America. The court’s decision issued yesterday is the culmination of a generational conservative campaign to strike down Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that established abortion rights. The three conservative justices whom Donald Trump appointed toContinue Reading

Andrea Prudente, a 38-year-old photographer who lives near Seattle, and her partner, Jay Weeldreyer, expected their trip to Malta to be a “babymoon” where they could connect with each other while enjoying the Mediterranean sun and local sights. But a few days after they arrived in Malta on June 5,Continue Reading

The Brazil Senate and Supreme Court have nullified rules that President Jair Bolsonaro issued last week banning social networks from removing what they judge to be disinformation about the coming presidential election. The dual moves by the court and by Congress late Tuesday quickly killed one of the most restrictiveContinue Reading

WASHINGTON — Within days, the conservative majority on the Supreme Court is expected to hand down a decision that could severely limit the federal government’s authority to reduce carbon dioxide from power plants — pollution that is dangerously heating the planet. But it’s only a start. The case, West VirginiaContinue Reading

Regular readers of this newsletter may remember the thermostat theory of politics. It’s the idea, developed by the political scientist Christopher Wlezien, that public opinion often moves in the opposite direction as government policy. When policy begins changing, many people worry that the shift will be too radical, and theirContinue Reading

The month of June at the Supreme Court — when the justices tend to announce their biggest decisions — has had a similar rhythm over the past few decades. There is usually an ideologically complicated mix of decisions, with some pleasing the political right (on voting rights and business regulation,Continue Reading

JERUSALEM — The Israeli Parliament voted on Monday against applying Israeli civilian law to Israelis in the occupied West Bank, a decision that edged the fragile coalition government closer to collapse and undermined the two-tier legal system that distinguishes between Israeli settlers and Palestinians in most of the territory. PrimeContinue Reading

Canada’s previous registry for shotguns and standard rifles was maintained by the federal government rather than sellers. That long-gun registry, which was plagued by technical issues but supported by most police forces, was scrapped in 2012 by Stephen Harper, the prime minister of the Conservative government at the time. “ConservativesContinue Reading

Mr. Moore, the West Virginia state treasurer, coordinated a letter in November from 16 state treasurers and comptrollers to banks across the country, threatening “collective action in response to the ongoing and growing economic boycott of traditional energy production industries by U.S. financial institutions.” “It is our sincere hope thatContinue Reading

OTTAWA — Quebec’s legislature on Tuesday passed a law to reinforce the primacy of the French language, limiting access to public services in English and enhancing government powers to enforce compliance, despite objections from some of the province’s English speakers, Indigenous people and members of other linguistic minorities. The provincialContinue Reading