Ida Nudel, who personified the Cold War struggle of Jews to immigrate from the Soviet Union to Israel, died on Tuesday in Israel, where she had lived since 1987. She was 90. Her death was announced by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who said in a statement that Ms. Nudel wasContinue Reading

ROME — Written between 1938 and 1944, and previously unreleased to the general public, the letters reveal desperation and fear. They reflect the humiliation, discrimination and confinement Jews were subjected to during a dark moment in European history. In one, a Milanese lawyer asks the Vatican to intervene in favorContinue Reading

Describing the separations in her 2017 testimony at Queens College, Ms. Geulen spoke of how hard it was “to tear a child away from his mother and not tell her where we were taking him, and to have her cry and cry, ‘Tell me at least, only tell me, whereContinue Reading

VATICAN CITY — David Kertzer put down his cappuccino, put on his backpack and went digging for more Vatican secrets. “There’s an aspect of treasure hunting,” said Mr. Kertzer, a 74-year-old historian. Moments later he cut through a crowd lined up to see Pope Francis, showed his credentials to theContinue Reading

JERUSALEM — When Gilad Kariv, an Israeli rabbi, heads to the Western Wall, one of the holiest places in Judaism, he often carries a Torah scroll that he hopes to give to a particular group of worshipers. It’s harder than it sounds. The worshipers are women, and therefore barred byContinue Reading

Lufthansa Airlines apologized this week after passengers traveling from New York City to Hungary said they were blocked from boarding a connecting flight in Germany because they were Jewish. The airline said a “large” number of passengers had been kept from boarding on May 4, but it did not specifyContinue Reading

ZAPORIZHZHIA, Ukraine — Ukrainian civilians evacuated from the ruined city of Mariupol carried with them fresh accounts of survival and terror on Monday as Western nations worked to turn their increasingly expansive promises of aid into action, preparing billions of dollars in military and economic assistance, an oil embargo andContinue Reading

JERUSALEM — Militants in Gaza fired several rockets toward Israel overnight and early Thursday and the Israeli Air Force said it retaliated by striking two military sites in Gaza, the most intense fighting between the two sides since the end of an 11-day war in May last year. No deathsContinue Reading

JERUSALEM — A Jewish man who may have been drunk once asked him to tattoo “kosher” in Hebrew on his butt. His oldest customer was a woman of 101. Members of the U.S. Secret Service often stop by to sample his handiwork when they’re in town. He has also beenContinue Reading

TEL AVIV — The current surge in terrorist attacks in Israel has been framed by Palestinian parties and militant groups as a logical consequence of the entrenchment of Israel’s 55-year occupation of the West Bank, of Israel’s control over sensitive religious sites in Jerusalem, and of the dwindling commitment fromContinue Reading