Spring is a season that is always eagerly awaited by Japanese people as a substitute for winter with the warmth of spring. In Japan itself, spring is synonymous with cherry blossoms with their pink color, warm weather, drinking beer, hanami celebrations with tea to the celebration of seeing the beautyContinue Reading

Border restrictions that are part of the pandemic response in Japan have deterred most tourists from visiting the country. So one airline is taking an unusual approach to generate revenue by offering extreme discounts on domestic flights. Peach Aviation said this week that it would sell 150 unlimited passes toContinue Reading

Tokyo, Japan is known as an expensive city. The cost of renting a hotel is quite high to the price of food which is quite decent in Rupiah. No doubt many travelers who want to travel to Japan save with more budget. Even though everything is expensive, apparently there areContinue Reading

Japan is indeed a country that is very famous for its inherent culture, delicious cuisine, and tourism that always attracts tourists to visit Japan. Well, if you are a lover of alcohol, then you are no stranger to Sake, which is alcohol fermented using rice. This sake is very famousContinue Reading

KATOKU, Japan — Standing on its mountain-fringed beach, there is no hint that the Japanese village of Katoku even exists. Its handful of houses hide behind a dune covered with morning glories and pandanus trees, the chitter of cicadas interrupted only by the cadence of waves and the call ofContinue Reading

Japan is indeed very famous for its cool tourist attractions, now in Japan the culinary is also famous for its delicacy, and one of the world’s culinary delights is Ramen. But did you know that in Japan itself there are many types of delicious noodles in Japan, and not muchContinue Reading

Joining the winter festival in Japan is one of the fun agendas that you must do. Especially if your vacation time in Japan coincides with the presence of winter. Basically, winter in Japan comes from the end of January to the beginning of March. In addition, several locations in northernContinue Reading

Mount Fuji has indeed become one of the icons of Japan because of its extraordinary beauty. Mount Fuji, also known as Fujiyama, is a mountain surrounded by five lakes. Among others, Lake Sai (Saiko), Shojiko, Matsuko, Yamanakako and the most famous is Kawaguchiko or Lake Kawaguchi. Kawaguchiko is the secondContinue Reading

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, you will definitely think of ramen and sushi. Even though sashimi is also one of the typical Japanese dishes that should not be missed. You could say sashimi is a very simple food, because this dish is only sliced ​​raw fish without any otherContinue Reading

Typhoon Nanmadol is expected to surge through the Philippine Sea toward Japan this weekend, bringing heavy winds and rain. As of Saturday morning in Japan, the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System had warned that more than 39 million people could be exposed to a storm that isContinue Reading