Climate advocates said it’s imperative to deliver tangible new commitments in Glasgow. “The G20 leaders’ call to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius is very significant,” said Ulka Kelkar, climate director for the India office of the World Resources Institute. The Glasgow conference “now needs to back it upContinue Reading

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration announced on Saturday that it had reached a deal to roll back tariffs on European steel and aluminum, an agreement that officials said would lower costs on goods like cars and washing machines, reduce carbon emissions, and help get supply chains moving again. The deal,Continue Reading

Russia’s relationship with the world is continuing to evolve rapidly. To assess the global shifts, The Times analyzed years of country-level trade data compiled by the Observatory of Economic Complexity, an online data platform. Because the data is published with a lag, the picture it provides is inherently backward looking.Continue Reading

ROME — From the opening moments of the Group of 20 summit on Saturday, the leaders of the world’s largest economies wanted to send a strong message about ending the coronavirus pandemic: During an unconventional group photograph, they were joined on the dais by doctors in white coats and firstContinue Reading

WASHINGTON — Leaders of the Group of 20 nations are set to sign off on the most sweeping overhaul of the international tax system in a century when they gather in Rome this weekend, ushering in a 15 percent global minimum tax and changes to how governments can impose leviesContinue Reading

The first easy-to-use Covid-19 treatment could be available in the United States by the end of this year, but it is unlikely to reach developing countries, where hundreds of millions of people remain without access to vaccines, until at least the middle of 2022, according to public health officials. TheContinue Reading

“We own a lot of inventory, but it’s just not where we can use it,” said Katherine Gold, the president of Goldbug, a children’s sock manufacturer based in Denver. “It’s sitting on a boat or it’s sitting in a port.” Beyond the immediate challenges, the upending of the supply chainContinue Reading

PARIS — As global finance leaders gather this week in Washington for the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund, Bruno Le Maire, the finance minister of France, made clear that effective French-American cooperation on an overhaul of the international tax system could not mask stark differences on China andContinue Reading

MANCHESTER, England — Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday dismissed suggestions that Britain was in crisis, saying that businesses needed to do more to end the fuel and goods shortages that have afflicted the country by raising wages, improving working conditions and training Britons to drive trucks and do otherContinue Reading

new video loaded: Global Trade Recovery Is ‘Strong but Unequal,’ W.T.O. Says transcript Back transcript Global Trade Recovery Is ‘Strong but Unequal,’ W.T.O. Says The World Trade Organization’s director general said global trade recovered faster than anticipated in the first half of 2021, but that uneven vaccine access was exacerbatingContinue Reading