Behold the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex — all swaddled in a cozy Christmas sweater. The replica T. rex at the Natural History Museum in London is an enormous, ferocious-looking beast that was built to scale, standing about 60 percent the size of the 40-foot-long prehistoric creature. The animatronic attraction, which featuresContinue Reading

A look into the private direct messages of five prominent women on Instagram found a torrent of harassment, including pornographic images and threats of physical and sexual violence, while the perpetrators typically faced little to no consequences, according to a new report released Wednesday. The report, by the Center forContinue Reading

GÖTTINGEN, Germany — The European Union was expected to finalize this week one of the world’s most far-reaching laws to address the power of the biggest tech companies, putting in place rules that will affect app stores, online advertising, e-commerce, messaging services and other everyday digital tools. The law, calledContinue Reading

In a call from his car on Sunday, a photographer from Moscow explained why he was driving to Tbilisi, Georgia, having left his apartment and essentially his whole life behind. For one, he has no work. No one he knows is shooting fashion look books or organizing the parties heContinue Reading