Last Saturday, he stood before a throne at Westminster Abbey and gingerly placed a crown on the head of King Charles III. On Wednesday, he stood up in the gilded chamber of the House of Lords to denounce the government’s new migration bill as “morally unacceptable and politically impractical.” ItContinue Reading

Mexico has let tens of thousands of people cross its territory on their way to the American border since early April, government data shows, a major uptick before the expiration of a U.S. immigration measure that has kept most migrants from being able to claim asylum in the United States.Continue Reading

Japan’s leader visits Seoul Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan is in South Korea today, where he is meeting President Yoon Suk Yeol in an effort to nurture a fledgling détente. Yesterday, in Seoul, the two leaders agreed to press ahead with joint efforts to improve bilateral ties — even though Kishida didContinue Reading

In March 2020, “Selling Kabul” was just two weeks from starting previews when the theater industry suddenly went dark. The set — a modest living room in the Afghan capital — sat empty for over 19 months, another abandoned apartment in Midtown Manhattan. Still, the cast and crew stayed inContinue Reading

ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE — Pope Francis said on Monday that plans were in the works for a possible second meeting with the head of the Russian Orthodox Church and that he would be willing to travel to Moscow for the encounter. The pope made his remarks in a newsContinue Reading

PARIS — The retro choreography was heavy-handed, its intent obvious: Éric Zemmour in a dark tie, eyes averted from the camera, reading into an old-fashioned microphone from sheets of paper, just like Charles de Gaulle in his famous speech from London on June 18, 1940, when he called for theContinue Reading

But then, putting aside his speech, he spoke in unusually blunt terms. “We cannot keep quiet” about a “culture of indifference,” Francis said. He looked at the pews, filled with men and women from Africa and the Middle East, some holding crying babies. “Looking at you, I see the facesContinue Reading

ROME — Pope Francis flew to Cyprus on Thursday, beginning a five-day trip that would also bring him to Greece and its island of Lesbos, where in 2016 he made a defining visit to refugees living in horrid conditions and brought some back to Rome on his plane. The trip,Continue Reading

ATHENS — For years, Greek officials have denied complaints from human rights groups that the country’s border agents have brutalized migrants and forcibly pushed them back into Turkey. They have dismissed the allegations as fake news or Turkish propaganda. Now a single case may force a reckoning. A European UnionContinue Reading

Good morning. We’re covering the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, a shadow war between Israel and Iran and Iraqis trying to reach Europe. Updates on the Omicron variant The new coronavirus variant, first discovered in southern Africa, is showing up across the world. Omicron cases have emerged in the Britain,Continue Reading