“They are smaller, and the amount of meat for the drive is not that big, so it’s nothing to use energy and time on,” he said, adding of the large kill: “You can say generally nobody was pleased about this.” About 265 white-sided dolphins are hunted a year, he said,Continue Reading

The silence underwater is overwhelming. Time passes quickly. Having spotted my target, I focus on it intensely, knowing that if I miss, and the animal gets away, it may learn from the encounter and be harder to hunt in the future. As I approach, armed with my spear, I watchContinue Reading

Sally Poncet first came to South Georgia in 1977. Back then, she said, the sub-Antarctic island was as gorgeous as it is today: A spine of mountains, some 100 miles long, defines the terrain; glaciers drape down from the peaks, with verdant slopes running up to meet them; glistening beachesContinue Reading