Two men, both 23, Majid Reza Rahnavard and Mohsen Shekari, were hanged in December after they were charged with “moharebe,” a broad term that means waging a war on God, in connection with the large uprisings led by women and girls that embroiled the nation last year. The Amnesty reportContinue Reading

A far-reaching bill aimed at barring products made with forced labor in China became law after President Biden signed the bill on Thursday. But the next four months — during which the Biden administration will convene hearings to investigate how pervasive forced labor is and what to do about itContinue Reading

The authorities in Hong Kong on Thursday removed a statue that memorialized those killed in the 1989 government massacre of pro-democracy demonstrators in Beijing, the latest crackdown on political dissent in the Chinese territory. The 26-foot copper statue, known as the “Pillar of Shame,” was created by the Danish sculptorContinue Reading

U.S. Special Operations forces are not required to vet for past human rights violations by the foreign troops they arm and train as surrogates, newly disclosed documents show. While the gap in rules governing vetting for a counterterrorism program have previously been reported based on anonymous sources, the documents provideContinue Reading

A court in southern China has sentenced one of the country’s most unyielding human rights activists to eight years in prison for essays he wrote and a website he created, in the ruling Communist Party’s latest warning blow against political dissent. The activist, Yang Maodong, was detained in 2021 whenContinue Reading

Two Iranian lawyers and a civil rights activist were among a group organizing a legal challenge to Iran’s top leader and the government over their disastrous handling of the pandemic. But before they could even file their complaint, they were seized and incarcerated. Now known on Iranian social media asContinue Reading

Growing up in Minnesota, Tyler Graf knew almost nothing about his birth mother. And what little he knew, he said, stung. His adoption papers listed her name, Hilda del Carmen Quezada; her age, 26; the date, March 2, 1983; and the hospital where she gave birth to him in centralContinue Reading

The Israelis had come to Mexico to clinch a major sale: The Mexican military was about to become the first client ever to buy their product, the world’s most advanced spyware. But before they could close the deal, an argument erupted over price and how quickly the spy tool couldContinue Reading

WASHINGTON — A few days before President Biden’s Summit for Democracy, a virtual meeting of more than 100 countries that opened Thursday morning, the Chinese foreign ministry released a stinging report about the American democratic system. The “gunshots and farce on Capitol Hill have completely revealed what is underneath theContinue Reading

BEIJING — As President Biden prepares to host a “summit for democracy” this week, China has counterattacked with an improbable claim: It’s a democracy, too. No matter that the Communist Party of China rules the country’s 1.4 billion people with no tolerance for opposition parties; that its leader, Xi Jinping,Continue Reading