WASHINGTON — The Biden administration announced its plan for oil and gas drilling off the coasts of the United States, closing off the possibility of new leases in the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans but allowing potential new lease sales in both the Gulf of Mexico and the Cook InletContinue Reading

WASHINGTON — President Biden’s top aides are weighing whether to ban new oil and gas drilling off America’s coasts, a move that would elate climate activists but could leave the administration vulnerable to Republican accusations that it is exacerbating an energy crunch as gas prices soar. By law, the DepartmentContinue Reading

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration said on Wednesday it would cut in half the amount it charges companies to build wind and solar projects on federal lands, a move designed to encourage development of renewable energy. “Clean energy projects on public lands have an important role to play in reducingContinue Reading

“Federal Indian boarding schools have had a lasting impact on Native people and communities across America,” said Mr. Newland. “That impact continues to influence the lives of countless families, from the breakup of families and tribal nations to the loss of languages and cultural practices and relatives.” The government hasContinue Reading

Red Devils continue to tinker with dream offensiveDespite Ronaldo: Manchester United absolutely want Haaland FootballGermany Bundesliga NewsBVB: Manchester United want to sign Erling Haaland despite Ronaldo Erling Haaland is something like BVB jiwa life insurance Manchester United became prominent in attack with Jadon Sancho of BVB and Cristiano Ronaldo ofContinue Reading