new video loaded: Harris Meets with Macron to Renew U.S.-France Relationship transcript Back transcript Harris Meets with Macron to Renew U.S.-France Relationship Vice President Kamala Harris met with Emmanuel Macron, the French president, after President Biden conceded to Mr. Macron that the handling of a submarine deal involving the UnitedContinue Reading

With the summit moving into its final days in Glasgow, its host, Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain, pleaded with officials and negotiators on Wednesday to seize the opportunity to strike an ambitious agreement that would avert the worst effects of climate change. “Here in Glasgow, the world has beenContinue Reading

new video loaded: England Will Require Frontline Health Workers to Get Vaccinated transcript Back transcript England Will Require Frontline Health Workers to Get Vaccinated Sajid Javid, Britain’s health secretary, said frontline health workers in England must be vaccinated against Covid-19 by April in order to “avoid preventable harm and protectContinue Reading

Britain’s health secretary is urging eligible residents to get booster shots of the coronavirus vaccine, aiming to reduce pressure on the country’s health system as winter approaches. Ten million Britons, largely those over age 50, have received booster shots since the government began offering them, and millions more will beContinue Reading

LONDON — James Mason was on duty in a North London police station when a young woman came in to report that she had just been mugged on a city street. Already shaken, the woman became even more unnerved by Mr. Mason’s questions: What clothes did she wear to work?Continue Reading

England will cease on Monday to require any travelers to quarantine in government-designated hotels, by removing the last seven countries from its “red list” for coronavirus risk. The change, announced on Thursday, ends restrictions on passengers arriving from Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Panama, Peru and Venezuela. “Whether it’sContinue Reading

Britain is once again at the peak of a coronavirus surge, just over three months after all coronavirus restrictions were lifted on what Prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed as “Freedom Day.” Cases have stayed at high levels since then, with more than 20,000 new cases recorded each day. There areContinue Reading

People in Barbados and its government were “conscious that we are going not without concern on the part of some, but with absolute determination that at 55, we must know who we are, we must live who we are, we must be who we are,” she said. Dame Sandra PrunellaContinue Reading

new video loaded: Suspect Is Charged in Killing of British M.P. transcript Back transcript Suspect Is Charged in Killing of British M.P. Police in Britain announced murder charges against 25-year-old Ali Harbi Ali of North London in the killing of David Amess, a member of Parliament who was stabbed inContinue Reading

While fully vaccinated Americans can fly to hundreds of cities and towns across the country and 27 European capitals, border rules across Asia remain far stricter than in any other region in the world. Governments in Asia have promised to reopen their borders because of the improved Covid situation andContinue Reading