The German police are investigating Roger Waters, a founder of the band Pink Floyd, who has long been critical of Israel, after he performed in Berlin last week wearing a Nazi-style costume like the one he used to critique fascism in “The Wall.” Mr. Waters, who has made anti-Israel statementsContinue Reading

Ukraine’s top military commander signaled on Saturday morning that the nation’s forces were ready to launch their long-anticipated counteroffensive following months of preparations, including recently stepped-up attacks on logistical targets as well as feints and disinformation intended to keep Russian forces on edge. “It’s time to get back what’s ours,”Continue Reading

The Germans announced recently that they would seize any French airplane that happened to come down in their territory. Occasion offered itself for enforcing the threat on Friday, when one of the commercial planes flying from Prague to Strasburg had to alight near Nuremberg on account of engine trouble. TheContinue Reading

The new long-range missiles, attack drones and tanks and other armored vehicles that President Volodymyr Zelensky has secured from allies in recent days will fulfill many, but not all, of the demands for weapons that Ukraine said it needs for a counteroffensive against Russia. Military analysts believe at least someContinue Reading

LONDON — President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine will visit Britain on Monday, the latest stop in what has become a whirlwind tour of European capitals as he tries to build military support for Ukraine’s expected counteroffensive against Russia. Mr. Zelensky announced the stop in London in a post on Twitter,Continue Reading

Germany on Saturday announced its largest weapons package yet for Ukraine, promising more tanks, armored vehicles and substantial air defense systems as a widely anticipated Ukrainian counteroffensive looms. The 2.7 billion euro package, or about $2.95 billion, amounts to roughly as much as the entirety of Germany’s military aid contributionContinue Reading

A legal tussle was unfolding in Berlin on Monday over an attempt by the police in the German capital to ban Russian flags at Victory Day celebrations this week. Before Moscow’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Berliners and Russians would gather at the city’s monuments to commemorate VictoryContinue Reading

Just days before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with Moscow’s forces massing on the border, officials in the medieval town of Lützen, Germany, afforded landmark status to a Soviet-era World War II memorial standing outside a kindergarten in the town center. “Glory to the great Russian people — the nationContinue Reading

The critical importance of heat pumps to the German economy was underscored this week when the sale of a family-owned maker of the heating machines to a U.S. company prompted a review by the government in Berlin. Carrier Global Corp. said Tuesday that it had agreed to pay 12 billionContinue Reading

BERLIN — Germany’s domestic intelligence agency on Wednesday classified the youth wing of a prominent far right nationalist party as an extremist group that threatens the constitution, dealing another blow to an organization that has come under increasing scrutiny over concerns of radicalization. The spy agency reclassified the “Young Alternative”Continue Reading