With all the focus on Back 4 Blood’s four-player cooperative action, it’s easy to forget that there’s a story propelling the zombie-infected adventure. A new trailer touches on some of the game’s narrative beats before it launches on October 12. The video doesn’t give away a ton of plot detailsContinue Reading

EA Sports have revealed upgrades for the biggest signings of the summer transfer window that will stretch across the entire seasonRomelu Lukaku and Jack Grealish have been named among the Premier League stars in FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition’s new Ones to Watch series on Ultimate Team. EA Sports is celebratingContinue Reading

It may only be a few hours of play, but this year’s game already feels exciting. First impressions are often misleading, and FIFA 22 should be very grateful for that. A cringeworthy introductory sequence lets you create your “avatar” for this year’s game, and includes the worst performances by ThierryContinue Reading

Funko Games plans to release the game in 2022 Funko Games, known for its excellent licensed board games, is taking big swings with the Jurassic Park franchise. It has teamed up with Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment to create a legacy-style board game based on the entire cinematic universe. TheContinue Reading