This article is part of the The DC Brief, TIME’s politics newsletter. Sign up here to get stories like this sent to your inbox every weekday. Welcome back, Benghazi. Washington has hardly missed the rancor and disingenuous narratives about the 2012 terrorist attack on American outposts in Libya and theContinue Reading

As the threat of ransomware grows, companies have felt pressed to pay massive amounts to hackers holding systems hostage. One business decided not to give in to their attackers’ demands. Cyberattacks like the recent global attack that impacted multiple companies over the Fourth of July weekend, this spring’s disruptive attackContinue Reading

<em><strong>“More shots are being fired on our streets, so more bystanders are getting hit. It’s that simple.”</strong></em><em><strong>“No one’s exempt. My child was getting food at a taco truck.”</strong></em><em><strong>“It’s at the point where people are afraid to sit on their own steps.”</strong></em><em><strong>“Everything that goes on in this city is nothing butContinue Reading

Scattered three miles deep along the floor of the central Pacific are trillions of black, misshapen nuggets that may just be the solution to an impending energy crisis. Similar in size and appearance to partially burned charcoal briquettes, the nuggets are called polymetallic nodules, and are an amalgamation of nickel,Continue Reading