Good morning. We’re covering Ukraine’s strategic dilemma in the east, Israel’s grinding political crisis and new details about a deadly fire in Bangladesh. A difficult choice in Ukraine’s east As Ukraine’s army fights to hold defensive positions in the Donbas region in the face of an unrelenting Russian bombardment, itsContinue Reading

SITAKUNDA, Bangladesh — Firefighters who suffered heavy casualties while responding to a blaze at a shipping container depot in southern Bangladesh over the weekend were unaware of the presence of chemical drums, which set off a series of powerful explosions, local authorities said. At least 41 people were killed, includingContinue Reading

TANGI VALLEY, Afghanistan — The father of six knew that where he was digging could kill him. But winter was approaching, and selling a few pounds of scrap metal peeled from a nearby abandoned military outpost could offset the rising prices of food and fuel as Afghanistan’s economy collapsed aroundContinue Reading

MEXICO CITY — A powerful explosion rocked central Havana on Friday morning, according to officials and news reports, killing at least four people, destroying parts of a luxury hotel and damaging nearby buildings just yards from the Cuban capitol. The overall number of casualties was not immediately clear, but videosContinue Reading

WHEATLEY, Ontario — Electricity is cut off. Guards sit in cars on every corner. Hundreds of people are out of their homes, some without access to their clothing or belongings. And officials are frantically working to unravel the grim mystery of what exactly caused a gas explosion last August inContinue Reading

PORT-AU-PRINCE — More than 50 people were killed and scores more were wounded around midnight on Tuesday when a truck carrying gasoline exploded in northern Haiti, according to officials in the country and the region. The truck, carrying 9,000 gallons of fuel, had swerved and toppled over in a residentialContinue Reading

Viktor Bryukhanov, who helped build and manage the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine, where a reactor explosion in 1986 released a radioactive dust cloud over Europe and a humbling fog of finger-pointing and political fallout that contributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union, died on Oct. 13 inContinue Reading