Increasingly frigid winter weather presented new challenges for Ukraine on Sunday as mud churned up the battlefield and snowfall made the government’s task of restoring power supplies devastated by weeks of Russian bombing all the more urgent. The state energy company, Ukrenergo, said that there was enough electricity to coverContinue Reading

“We must solve this problem as soon as possible,” Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, said in unusually blunt remarks in August. “This cannot drag on for weeks.” It dragged on for months. Countless Europeans missed important family gatherings like reunions, births, weddings and funerals. ThousandsContinue Reading

Austria is tightening the rules of a national vaccine pass program starting Monday as it attempts to stem a coronavirus surge that has brought cases to levels unseen in almost a year. Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg announced the changes Friday night, telling reporters after a meeting with state governors: “It isContinue Reading

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration announced on Saturday that it had reached a deal to roll back tariffs on European steel and aluminum, an agreement that officials said would lower costs on goods like cars and washing machines, reduce carbon emissions, and help get supply chains moving again. The deal,Continue Reading

ROME — After a six-week diplomatic uproar over a scuttled submarine deal and accusations of American duplicity, President Biden made a one-on-one effort Friday to mend fences with President Emmanuel Macron of France by admitting that, yes, the matter could have been handled better. “What we did was clumsy,” Mr.Continue Reading

The French president is convinced that America’s overwhelming focus on China — as well as what he sees as American unreliability during the Trump administration and in the recent “sub snub” — obliges Europe to forge an independent path. At the core of his vision lies what he calls “EuropeanContinue Reading

CAIRO — Iran will rejoin international talks on limiting its nuclear program before the end of November, its deputy foreign minister and chief negotiator said Wednesday, raising hopes that negotiations stalled since June by the election of a hard-line Iranian president can be revived. The official, Ali Bagheri Kani, saidContinue Reading

WASHINGTON — Just months ago, the rocky relationship between the United States and Venezuela seemed to be taking a turn for the better. President Biden had eased a pressure campaign started by the Trump administration, dropping threats of ousting President Nicolás Maduro with military power. New negotiations between Mr. MaduroContinue Reading

BRUSSELS — As Italy enforced Europe’s most stringent vaccine requirements on Friday, a patchwork of measures across the rest of the continent reflect those nations’ domestic politics and potential opposition against such measures. In more than a dozen of the European Union’s 27 countries, some form of a Covid passContinue Reading

WASHINGTON — World leaders met virtually on Tuesday to discuss ways of preventing an economic and humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan, but the Biden administration maintained a cautious stance toward providing more support to the Taliban-ruled country. The European Union pledged $1 billion euros, or $1.15 billion, in aid to AfghanistanContinue Reading