BRUSSELS — Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, had just finished a speech at a major conference on Europe. While he lingered onstage, soaking up adulation and taking pictures with fans, little did he know that two young women in the back of the room were eying him closely. “ThereContinue Reading

BRUSSELS — As Europeans try to lock in gains made by inoculation campaigns, the European Union on Wednesday pledged to reinforce its preparedness for future health crises and to increase coronavirus vaccine donations to low- and middle-income countries. In her annual speech on the state of the European Union, UrsulaContinue Reading

In recent years, Europe’s power plants have slashed their use of coal by burning something else instead: Millions of tons of wood, much of it imported from the United States. A controversial European Union policy called the Renewable Energy Directive drove this transition by counting biomass — organic material likeContinue Reading

BRUSSELS — When Fabrice Leggeri, a French civil servant, took over the European border agency known as Frontex in 2015, its operations were based out of a small office in Warsaw that mostly did administrative work. In the course of his tenure, it became the most well-endowed agency in theContinue Reading

Drinkers are boycotting Russian vodka. Small and large U.S. cities are cutting ties with their Russian “sister cities.” And in one of the latest examples of symbolic efforts to isolate Russia from the rest of the world, a group in Brussels disqualified Russia’s candidate — an oak tree said toContinue Reading

An Italian court released the former leader of Spain’s Catalonia region on Friday, a day after his arrest, but ordered him to remain in the country while authorities consider whether to send him back to Spain to face trial, his lawyer said. Italian police detained Carles Puigdemont on Thursday nightContinue Reading

MADRID — Carles Puigdemont, the former separatist leader of Spain’s Catalonia region, was arrested by Italian police Thursday night on the island of Sardinia, his office said in a statement, on an arrest warrant issued by Spain’s top court on charges of sedition. Mr. Puigdemont, a member of the EuropeanContinue Reading