New lockdown restrictions for Austria’s unvaccinated population are likely because reports of new coronavirus cases in the country are rising rapidly, Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said on Thursday. Though such restrictions would be a “very harsh measure,” they appear to be necessary and “probably inevitable,” the chancellor said at a newsContinue Reading

GLASGOW — In Gaelic, “Glasgow” translates to “dear green place,” a nod to the parks, gardens and flourishing green spaces throughout the city. But according to Chris Mitchell, who was a garbage collector there for more than two decades, the only thing flourishing in Glasgow these days is “a mountainContinue Reading

Coronavirus deaths in Europe rose 10 percent in the first week of this month and made up over half of the 48,000 coronavirus deaths reported globally in that time, even as new cases and deaths dropped or remained stable in the rest of the world, according to World Health OrganizationContinue Reading

In the British tabloid The Mail on Sunday, Peter Hitchens, a columnist, wrote that he’d seen one of Amal’s events. “Syrian refugees are not little girls but strapping young men,” he contended. “I wonder how a huge puppet of such a person would be greeted.” Zuabi, the project’s artistic director,Continue Reading

Sydney Airport has agreed to accept A $ 23.6 billion (£ 13 billion; $ 17.5 billion) takeover offer from a group of investors. If completed, the deal will be one of the largest acquisitions ever in Australia. The deal came after the Sydney Aviation Alliance (SAA) raised its offer inContinue Reading

“We must solve this problem as soon as possible,” Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, said in unusually blunt remarks in August. “This cannot drag on for weeks.” It dragged on for months. Countless Europeans missed important family gatherings like reunions, births, weddings and funerals. ThousandsContinue Reading

Europe is again experiencing near-record levels of coronavirus infections, and could experience half a million Covid-related deaths in the next three months, the World Health Organization said on Thursday. Europe accounted for 59 percent of the world’s newly reported coronavirus cases last week, and for nearly half the world’s Covid-relatedContinue Reading

Environmental activist and actor Leonardo DiCaprio arrived in Glasgow for the COP26 summit. The Hollywood star, who is a United Nations representative for climate change, was seen at the Kew Carbon Garden exhibit at the main conference center Tuesday. He was assaulted by reporters, fans and delegates as he enteredContinue Reading

US President Joe Biden criticized the leaders of China and Russia for failing to show up at the COP26 climate summit. In a speech on Tuesday evening, Biden said that the climate is “a huge problem” and that China “is gone”, adding that it was “the same with Russia andContinue Reading

For the past few centuries, the Yup’ik peoples of Alaska have told gruesome tales of a massacre that occurred during the Bow and Arrow War Days, a series of long and often brutal battles across the Bering Sea coast and the Yukon. According to one account, the carnage started whenContinue Reading