“We’re going to figure it out,” he added. There are various reasons the United States has struggled to identify who, and what, is responsible for the episodes. Officials have considered that intelligence services from multiple countries could be involved, each with varying motives and equipment causing the illnesses, according toContinue Reading

It has all the elements of an espionage thriller: An accused Russian spy who concocted an identity as a Brazilian. The creation of an elaborate cover story. And what Dutch authorities said appeared to be a foiled plot to gain access to the International Criminal Court as it investigates RussianContinue Reading

In 1978, Georgi Markov, a Bulgarian dissident, was said to have been jabbed with a poison-tipped umbrella in London with the connivance of the K.G.B. The Federal Security Service, the K.G.B.’s successor, was implicated in subsequent poisonings of Mr. Putin’s critics. Mr. Litvinenko was investigating the death of Anna Politkovskaya,Continue Reading

WASHINGTON — President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine has provided near-daily updates of Russia’s invasion on social media; viral video posts have shown the effectiveness of Western weapons in the hands of Ukrainian forces; and the Pentagon has regularly held briefings on developments in the war. But despite the flow ofContinue Reading

A drone strike this week targeted a highly sensitive military site outside Tehran where Iran develops missile, nuclear and drone technology, according to three Iranians with knowledge of the attack and to a U.S. official. The strike on Wednesday evening hit the site of the Parchin military complex, about 37Continue Reading

According to the BBC, the intelligence agent, a foreign citizen, had worked under several aliases for MI5 as a covert source, infiltrating extremist networks and feeding information back to them. But one woman, who met the man on a dating site, told the broadcaster that he physically and psychologically abusedContinue Reading

Under China’s authoritarian leader, Xi Jinping, Beijing has refined its approach to cyberspying, transforming over the past decade into a far more sophisticated actor. China’s premier spy agency, borrowing a page from Russia, has recruited beyond its ranks, pulling from the country’s growing pool of tech workers. The strategy hasContinue Reading

WASHINGTON — The F.B.I. informed the Israeli government in a 2018 letter that it had purchased Pegasus, the notorious hacking tool, to collect data from mobile phones to aid ongoing investigations, the clearest documentary evidence to date that the bureau weighed using the spyware as a tool of law enforcement.Continue Reading

MADRID — The chief of Spain’s intelligence agency was ousted by the government on Tuesday following the disclosure that her agency had used powerful spyware to infiltrate the cellphones of Catalan separatist politicians. The government’s dismissal of Paz Esteban — who was the first woman to run the intelligence agency,Continue Reading

SEOUL — Two South Koreans have been arrested on charges of stealing military secrets on behalf of a suspected North Korean spy agent who paid them in cryptocurrency, the police said on Thursday. A 38-year-old executive at a cyber-currency company met the agent through an online cryptocurrency community six yearsContinue Reading