Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain on Saturday defended his government’s plans to electronically tag asylum seekers who cross the English Channel, days into a new, yearlong pilot program that has drawn widespread condemnation from refugee and human rights groups. Under the new guidelines, those who travel to Britain viaContinue Reading

The British government planned to proceed on Tuesday with flying immigrants to Rwanda for processing and resettlement, after a court blocked two appeals to the contentious plan on Monday, according to Care4Calais, an aid group involved in the appeal. The British government last month announced the deal with Rwanda toContinue Reading

SULAIMANIYA, Iraq — The boat packed with migrants was about halfway across the English Channel when one of the passengers spotted two orange life jackets bobbing in the water. The seas were rough, and it was only when they got closer that Zana Hamawandi saw the vests contained dead bodies.Continue Reading

Good morning. We’re covering the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, a shadow war between Israel and Iran and Iraqis trying to reach Europe. Updates on the Omicron variant The new coronavirus variant, first discovered in southern Africa, is showing up across the world. Omicron cases have emerged in the Britain,Continue Reading

SORAN, Iraq — Maryam Nuri had never been on a plane before she boarded a flight from Iraq in early November with a visa from Italy. She had never seen the ocean before she set out on a flimsy boat from France into the English Channel last week. “She knewContinue Reading