Wading into an acrimonious debate over booster doses, researchers in Israel reported on Wednesday that a third dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine can prevent both infections and severe illness in adults older than 60 for at least 12 days. The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine,Continue Reading

NEW DELHI — After spending their savings to have their son trained as a pilot in the United States, Sanjeev Ranjan Prasad and Sadhana Prasad financed his lavish wedding back in India, along with a luxury car and an overseas honeymoon. They assumed their investments would eventually pay off, inContinue Reading

In September 2019, the mayor of Fukuoka, Japan, made a pilgrimage to see Kane Tanaka at her nursing home. She was 116 years old then and fielded questions from a gaggle of reporters with the cocky confidence of a prizefighter. What, they asked, was the secret to living so long?Continue Reading

Four days into a coronavirus lockdown in her Shanghai neighborhood, Ding Tingting began to worry about the old man who lived alone in the apartment below her. She knocked on his door and found that his food supply was dwindling and that he didn’t know how to go online toContinue Reading

Every morning, Olga Boichak’s grandmother wakes up at her home in western Ukraine, turns on the television and discovers anew that her country is at war. Panicked and flashing back to childhood memories of bombings during World War II, she starts packing to evacuate, her granddaughter said. Her husband ofContinue Reading

Americans over 60 should get a second booster shot of a coronavirus vaccine, Dr. Ashish K. Jha, the new White House Covid-19 response coordinator, said on Sunday, citing “pretty compelling” new data from Israel indicating that a fourth shot significantly reduces infections and deaths among older people there. Dr. Jha’sContinue Reading

European regulators concluded on Wednesday that it is “too early” to administer second booster shots of a coronavirus vaccine to the general population in the European Union, but added that the extra doses could be given to adults aged 80 and older. The European Medicine Agency and European Center forContinue Reading

A coronavirus outbreak is ravaging a hospital in Shanghai for older adults, underscoring the difficulties officials have had in containing infections even as the city imposed a 10-day staggered lockdown. Two orderlies at the Shanghai Donghai Elderly Care Hospital said in interviews that the coronavirus was spreading widely among theContinue Reading

Dagny Carlsson, believed to be the world’s oldest blogger, who documented her life in Sweden and spread the message that age should not limit happiness, has died. She was 109. Her friend Elena Strom announced the death. She did not say where or when Ms. Carlsson died. Ms. Carlsson startedContinue Reading

Unvaccinated people in every age group are at higher risk of infection, hospitalization and death than those who have been immunized, according to the C.D.C.’s data — a persistent trend ever since vaccines were introduced. As of Dec. 25, the rate of hospitalization among unvaccinated adults older than age 65Continue Reading