BEIRUT, Lebanon — Armed clashes between sectarian militias transformed Beirut neighborhoods into a deadly war zone on Thursday, raising fears that violence could fill the void left by the near-collapse of the Lebanese state. Rival gunmen, chanting in support of their leaders, hid behind cars and dumpsters to fire automaticContinue Reading

WASHINGTON — The International Monetary Fund’s executive board on Monday expressed confidence in the leadership of Kristalina Georgieva, its managing director, following allegations that she had manipulated data to placate China when she was a senior World Bank official. The decision came less than a month after an independent inquiryContinue Reading

LONDON — Britons are lining up for gas, staring at empty grocery shelves, paying higher taxes and worrying about spiraling prices as a grim winter approaches. But to visit the Conservative Party conference in Manchester this past week was to enter a kind of happy valley, where cabinet ministers danced,Continue Reading

People with knowledge of the negotiations said that while the 15 percent rate was essentially a done deal, some of the world’s biggest countries continued to battle for exemptions to dampen its impact on longstanding economic models that have helped draw investment and create jobs. “I’m fully determined to paveContinue Reading

Consumers are already anticipating shortages. One farmer in Leeds said that by last month, customers had already ordered all 3,500 turkeys she was raising for Christmas — a first. A lack of truck drivers has also caused sporadic shortages for staples including eggs, milk, and baked goods. One in sixContinue Reading

“Against the backdrop of worldwide opposition against Cold War and division, the United States blatantly violated its policy statement of not seeking a new Cold War and ganged up to form an Anglo-Saxon clique,” Wang Yi, the Chinese foreign minister, said on Sept. 28 in response to the Australian submarineContinue Reading

REDCAR, England — Standing 180 foot tall, the coal bunker that dominated the skyline at the defunct steel works in northeast England was weathered, discolored and an eyesore to some who lived nearby. Yet it was such a symbol of the region’s industrial heritage that campaigners fought hard to stopContinue Reading

WASHINGTON — The United States and the European Union took a step this week toward a closer alliance by announcing a new partnership for trade and technology, but tensions over a variety of strategic and economic issues are still simmering in the background. The establishment of the Trade and TechnologyContinue Reading

The world’s top central bankers acknowledged that inflation, which has spiked higher across many advanced economies this year, could remain elevated for some time — and that though they still expect it to fade as pandemic-related supply disruptions calm, they are carefully watching to make sure that hot price pressuresContinue Reading

TEHRAN — Amir, an engineering master’s student standing outside Tehran University, had thought about going into digital marketing, but worried that Iran’s government would restrict Instagram, as it had other apps. He had considered founding a start-up, but foresaw American sanctions and raging inflation blocking his way. Every time heContinue Reading