In early June, at the behest of the Biden administration, German leaders assembled top economic officials from the Group of 7 nations for a video conference with the goal of striking a major financial blow to Russia. The Americans had been trying, in a series of one-off conversations last year,Continue Reading

Turkey’s nail-biter election on Sunday made clear that the people’s faith in the country’s electoral system remains strong and that the incumbent, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is still a formidable political force, despite his failure to secure a first-round victory. A runoff is likely to be held on May 28Continue Reading

The Biden administration on Wednesday took steps to make it easier for humanitarian aid to reach Afghanistan as the combination of the pandemic, a severe drought and a cash shortage have left the country’s fragile economy on the brink of collapse. The Treasury Department said the measures would give AmericanContinue Reading

Kemal Dervis, an economist who was instrumental in leading his native Turkey out of an economic crisis early in this century, and who later became the first person to lead the United Nations Development Program from a country that had received developmental aid from the program, died on Sunday inContinue Reading

The Bank of England raised interest rates on Thursday, its 12th consecutive increase, as Britain’s inflation rate remained stubbornly in the double digits. Policymakers lifted the central bank’s key interest rate a quarter of a percentage point to 4.5 percent, the highest since 2008. The long and aggressive policy tighteningContinue Reading

Arab nations agreed on Sunday to allow Syria to rejoin the Arab League, taking a crucial step toward ending the country’s international ostracism more than a decade after it was suspended from the group over its use of ruthless force against its own people. When Syria’s neighbors and peers ejectedContinue Reading

“Salt gave us work and salt gave us life,” said Ruslan, a salt miner turned soldier. Ruslan, 45, was working 1,000 feet below the earth in one of Europe’s largest salt mines when the Russians launched their full-scale invasion. Almost a year later, he was fighting near the ruined cityContinue Reading

Can India’s economy keep up with its population? India will soon become the world’s most populous country, supplanting China for the first time in centuries, according to data from the United Nations. With size — a population that now exceeds 1.4 billion people — comes geopolitical, economic and cultural powerContinue Reading

Source: U.N. World Population Prospects, estimated populations at midyear. It is a turning point the world has not seen in centuries, and is unlikely to see again for centuries more. India is on the cusp of passing China in population, according to the latest U.N. estimates. At 1.428 billion people,Continue Reading

Despite the rollback of China’s one-child policy, and even after more recent incentives urging families to have more children, China’s population is steadily shrinking — a momentous shift that will soon leave India as the world’s most populous nation and have broad rippling effects both domestically and globally. The changeContinue Reading