Washington artist Marta Pérez García’s installation ‘Restos-Traces’ is part of the museum’s ‘Intersections’ series An installation view of “Restos-Traces” by Marta Pérez García at the Phillips Collection. On the far wall is Francis Bacon’s “Study of a Figure in a Landscape” (1952). (AK Blythe) When the pandemic rendered many publicContinue Reading

HONG KONG — Faced with a soaring divorce rate, the ruling Communist Party in China introduced a rule last year to keep unhappy marriages together by forcing couples to undergo a 30-day “cooling off” period before finalizing a divorce. The rule appears to have worked, according to government statistics releasedContinue Reading

Not only has a “shadow” wave of violence against women emerged during the coronavirus pandemic, but women who experienced financial hardship as a result of the pandemic were also more likely to be abused by their partners, according to a study released on Monday by Australian researchers. The survey ofContinue Reading

ROME — Pope Francis, speaking on a prime-time television program, said that there was something “almost satanic” about the high number of women who had been victims of domestic violence. The pope made the comment during a show broadcast Sunday on Canale 5, Italy’s top private channel, called “Francis andContinue Reading

LONDON — James Mason was on duty in a North London police station when a young woman came in to report that she had just been mugged on a city street. Already shaken, the woman became even more unnerved by Mr. Mason’s questions: What clothes did she wear to work?Continue Reading

LONDON — As anger grew in Britain last week over the justice system’s approach to violence against women, the public discourse has turned to a new question: Should misogyny be considered a hate crime? The debate comes amid a broader national outcry over gender-based crimes after the murder of SarahContinue Reading