Consumers are already anticipating shortages. One farmer in Leeds said that by last month, customers had already ordered all 3,500 turkeys she was raising for Christmas — a first. A lack of truck drivers has also caused sporadic shortages for staples including eggs, milk, and baked goods. One in sixContinue Reading

ROME — It turns out that Italians don’t necessarily like pineapple on their pizza, after all. Or at least not enough to keep nearly three dozen Domino’s Pizza franchises afloat. Last month, the Italian outlets of the American pizza conglomerate extinguished their pizza ovens, unable to win over picky palatesContinue Reading

Four days into a coronavirus lockdown in her Shanghai neighborhood, Ding Tingting began to worry about the old man who lived alone in the apartment below her. She knocked on his door and found that his food supply was dwindling and that he didn’t know how to go online toContinue Reading

HONG KONG — As many as 300,000 Hong Kong residents are isolating at home, the city’s leader said on Sunday, as officials scrambled to build mass quarantine centers and treatment facilities to house patients with even the mildest Covid-19 symptoms. Until recently, Hong Kong routinely sent the close contacts ofContinue Reading