SEOUL — Kim Hyeongsu performed poorly on his rifle qualification test for the South Korean Army, to the point where he was berated for squandering the government’s bullets. An officer ordered him to do a plank while yelling repeatedly, “I am a tax waster!” In basic training in 2011, Mr.Continue Reading

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Armed clashes between sectarian militias transformed Beirut neighborhoods into a deadly war zone on Thursday, raising fears that violence could fill the void left by the near-collapse of the Lebanese state. Rival gunmen, chanting in support of their leaders, hid behind cars and dumpsters to fire automaticContinue Reading

A key figure in a terrorist group that has destabilized the vast Lake Chad region in West-Central Africa is dead, the head of Nigeria’s armed forces has announced. The military commander, Gen. Lucky Irabor, said on Thursday that he could “authoritatively confirm’’ the death of Abu Musab al-Barnawi, the leaderContinue Reading

Ukraine’s continued progress is by no means assured. There is no indication of a mass Russian withdrawal, and Russian forces have continued to assault Ukrainian positions and pound Ukrainian towns and villages. In areas where Ukraine has had the advantage, the Russian military may find a way to dig in,Continue Reading

Good morning. We’re covering Singapore’s testy reopening, mounting tensions over Taiwan and China’s fraught custody battles. Singapore’s uncertain reopening Vaccines were supposed to be the city-state’s ticket back to normalcy. But even with an 83 percent vaccination rate, Singapore is not opening up. Instead, the government reinstated restrictions and urgedContinue Reading

“We had monitored their acquisition of these materials from around the world and did quite a bit to stop their obtaining some of them,” Mr. Hummel said. “Yet they were chugging ahead at a site that we knew about — which they flatly denied that they were doing. They hadContinue Reading

At one particularly tense moment, in October 2020, American intelligence reports detailed how Chinese leaders had become worried that President Trump was preparing an attack. Those concerns, which could have been misread, prompted Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to call his counterpart inContinue Reading

PARIS — Step by step, Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken sought on Tuesday to build back trust between the United States and France following a secretive submarine deal that laid bare the Biden administration’s resolve to counter China — even at the cost of edging out one of America’sContinue Reading

Military personnel in Britain began driving fuel tankers on Monday as the government stepped up efforts to tackle a shortage of truck drivers that has closed some gas stations, caused panic buying and long lines at others, and threatened wider disruption in the run-up to Christmas. Around 200 soldiers wereContinue Reading

But it is unlikely that all the soldiers will go to trial, given the increasing challenge of collecting evidence about events that happened over a decade ago, said Ben Saul, who teaches international law at the University of Sydney. “The longer this drags on,” he said, “the more difficult itContinue Reading