The Supreme Court of Cyprus on Monday overturned the conviction of a British woman accused of fabricating claims that a group of Israeli tourists raped her in a hotel room in Cyprus. In 2019, less than two weeks after the woman told the Cypriot police that as many as aContinue Reading

But then, putting aside his speech, he spoke in unusually blunt terms. “We cannot keep quiet” about a “culture of indifference,” Francis said. He looked at the pews, filled with men and women from Africa and the Middle East, some holding crying babies. “Looking at you, I see the facesContinue Reading

ROME — Pope Francis flew to Cyprus on Thursday, beginning a five-day trip that would also bring him to Greece and its island of Lesbos, where in 2016 he made a defining visit to refugees living in horrid conditions and brought some back to Rome on his plane. The trip,Continue Reading