LONDON — Britain’s governing Conservative Party lost two strategically important parliamentary seats in elections on Thursday, dealing a damaging blow to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and raising fresh doubts about his scandal-scarred leadership. Voters in Wakefield, a faded industrial city in West Yorkshire, and in Tiverton and Honiton, a ruralContinue Reading

WAKEFIELD, England — Prime Minister Boris Johnson has yet to campaign in the stately but faded city of Wakefield in West Yorkshire, even though his Conservative Party is at risk of losing a highly symbolic seat in a parliamentary election there on Thursday. But that doesn’t mean he’s not onContinue Reading

LONDON — The British government said Prime Minister Boris Johnson would begin a long-anticipated shake-up of his cabinet on Wednesday in a move designed to revitalize a government whose popularity now appears to be waning. Much speculation about cabinet changes in recent weeks has focused on the foreign secretary, DominicContinue Reading

BRADFORD, England — As Haniyya Ejaz boards her crowded morning train in the northern city of Bradford, an automated announcement tinged with a cheery Yorkshire accent chimes, “Welcome aboard this northern service to Leeds.” But the 10-mile commute between the two cities is far from a welcome one for Ms.Continue Reading

LONDON — British law enforcement and elections officials said they will not investigate a major political donation to the Conservative Party that had been flagged as a suspected illegal campaign donation in documents linking it to a Russian bank account. The decision, announced late Thursday, lifts a legal cloud overContinue Reading

Boris Johnson may have won a no-confidence vote on Monday night, but history suggests that his political future remains precarious. Among the three other Conservative British prime ministers who faced similar votes in recent decades, two were ultimately forced out. One survived, but lost in a landslide election two yearsContinue Reading

Opposition leaders seized on the result to paint Conservative lawmakers as having endorsed the leadership of a lawbreaking prime minister. “Conservative MP’s made their choice tonight,” said the leader of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer. “They have ignored the wishes of the British public.” Voters, he said, are “fed upContinue Reading

Good morning. We’re covering Boris Johnson’s survival of a no-confidence vote, assassinations in Myanmar and a cunning optical illusion. Johnson wins no-confidence vote Prime Minister Boris Johnson will continue to lead the Conservative Party — and, therefore, Britain — after a dramatic late-night decision on Monday threatened his grasp onContinue Reading

In a speech to his fellow Conservative lawmakers, Prime Minister Boris Johnson argued that the best was yet to come if they continued to support him, and that he would prove an election winner for a second time. “I will lead you to victory again and the winners will beContinue Reading

Financial markets appeared unperturbed by the political shock waves following the announcement that Britain’s prime minister, Boris Johnson, would face a no-confidence vote in his leadership. By midmorning on Monday, the pound was rising against the dollar and other major currencies, while the FTSE 100, Britain’s benchmark stock index, alsoContinue Reading