The Queen paid tribute to her husband in her first annual Christmas message since his death. “Christmas can be tough for those who have lost loved ones. This year especially, I understand why,” she said in a personal message. She described Prince Philip as her “lover” and said she sensedContinue Reading

Health Secretary Sajid Javid urged people to “make the booster a part of your Christmas this year.” People wait in line to receive a ‘Jingle Jab’ Covid vaccination booster injection at the Good Health Pharmacy in London on Dec. 25, 2021. | Gareth Fuller/PA via AP LONDON — Thousands ofContinue Reading

A caller played a prank on US President Joe Biden by mocking Biden in his chat room during a Christmas event at the White House. Mr. Biden and First Lady Jill Biden hosted the festive appeal for families when a father said to the president, “Let’s go, Brandon.” Apparently unawareContinue Reading

LONDON — Every Christmas Eve, the British composer Cecilia McDowall follows the same routine. At 3 p.m., as family members arrive at her London home, she goes into the kitchen, turns on the radio and starts making a Christmas pudding — a slow-cooked, booze-soaked British dessert — while listening toContinue Reading

ACT Party deputy leader Brooke van Velden will spend most of her summer in Auckland. (File photo) ACT Party deputy leader Brooke van Velden plans to take some time for herself, friends and family this summer – and shake-up her Spotify playlist. Where are you going for the break? IContinue Reading

ROME — All that separated the giddy Sicilian school children from meeting Old Saint Nick — arriving on horseback with his long white beard, crimson robe and bag full of gifts — was a Christmas message from the bishop of Noto. “Santa Claus,” thundered Bishop Antonio Staglianò, “is an imaginaryContinue Reading

ROME — Romans have never held back when it comes to blaming their mayors for the city’s multiple shortcomings: tire-swallowing potholes, open-air neighborhood garbage dumps, marauding wildlife. But in recent years, city leaders have also had to contend with their constituents’ jitters ahead of the annual Dec. 8 Christmas treeContinue Reading

Around half of the people who attended an office Christmas party in Oslo, where only vaccinated employees were admitted, have tested positive for the coronavirus after one guest recently returned from South Africa was found to carry the new Omicron variant, local health authorities said on Friday. More than 120Continue Reading