MADRID — Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez of Spain on Wednesday held a long-awaited meeting with his regional counterpart in Catalonia to seek an end to Spain’s territorial conflict, four years after a failed Catalan secession attempt and 18 months after a first round of negotiations was abruptly curtailed by theContinue Reading

TONDER, Denmark — The folk musician Billy Fumey strode onstage on Friday night in this quaint market town in rural Denmark and launched into an intense love song in the endangered language of Franco-Provençal. As he belted out a lyrical description of hair blowing in the wind — “Kma tsèkionContinue Reading

It was a late February evening in 2020, and I was standing in the marshlands of Friesland, a northern province in the Netherlands. Above my head, hundreds of thousands of starlings were swirling, swooping and diving in a dramatic fashion, blackening the sky. The sound of their wings reverberated throughContinue Reading

Carles Puigdemont, the Catalan separatist wanted in Spain for leading a failed breakaway movement in his region four years ago, left Italy on Monday, days after his brief detention and release by Italian authorities. The dramatic seizure and exit of Mr. Puigdemont raised and then dashed the hopes of SpanishContinue Reading

An Italian court released the former leader of Spain’s Catalonia region on Friday, a day after his arrest, but ordered him to remain in the country while authorities consider whether to send him back to Spain to face trial, his lawyer said. Italian police detained Carles Puigdemont on Thursday nightContinue Reading

MADRID — Carles Puigdemont, the former separatist leader of Spain’s Catalonia region, was arrested by Italian police Thursday night on the island of Sardinia, his office said in a statement, on an arrest warrant issued by Spain’s top court on charges of sedition. Mr. Puigdemont, a member of the EuropeanContinue Reading