About a half-hour before his lunch break one June morning, Travis Mudry was operating an excavator and digging through permafrost in the Klondike gold fields of the Yukon in Canada. He was scratching at a frozen wall of earth. Suddenly, a big chunk popped out. Along with it was aContinue Reading

Spending on military programs often leads to years of heated political debate and little action in Canada. But the announcement this week that Canada will spend nearly 5 billion Canadian dollars over the next six years on upgrading Norad’s defense systems passed with barely a ripple of controversy. Norad, orContinue Reading

In 2017, Mr. O’Toole unsuccessfully sought to replace Mr. Harper as the party’s leader, running as a moderate. Last year, he prevailed with a hard-right approach, running as a “true blue Conservative” (blue is the party’s color) who promised to “take back” Canada. Once he won, though, Mr. O’Toole repudiatedContinue Reading

VANCOUVER — Self-professed students were buying multimillion-dollar homes in the Vancouver area, with dubious sources of income, or none at all. A family of modest means transferred at least 114 million Canadian dollars to British Columbia. Loan sharks cleaned their dirty money by giving garbage bags and hockey bags fullContinue Reading

TORONTO — A Toronto court filled with victims, relatives and others to tell the city’s worst killer how he had ruined their lives — breaking bones, injuring brains and dragging loved ones to death — when he steered a van onto a sidewalk and plowed through pedestrians, transforming the city’sContinue Reading

She has all ingredients needed to be the next Democratic star: young, populist, with the credibility to speak for an important constituency – Hispanic Americans. On the campaign trail, Jessica Cisneros painted a picture of herself as a child of South Texas, from growing up in a poor, Spanish-speaking householdContinue Reading

An ex-top White House adviser has been charged with contempt of Congress for refusing to co-operate with the inquiry into last year’s US Capitol riot. Peter Navarro is the second Trump aide to be arrested after defying a legal summons from the congressional committee investigating the attack. In court, MrContinue Reading

OTTAWA — When Queen Elizabeth II of Britain first took the throne, symbols of the crown and royal coat of arms appeared seemingly everywhere in Canada, which remains part of the Commonwealth, including on mundane objects like mailboxes. In the decades since, most of those symbols have disappeared — aContinue Reading