Pornhub’s parent company has settled a lawsuit filed by 50 women who said they were victims of a sex trafficking operation. The women said Girls Do Porn, an adult content provider, coerced them into having sex on camera and lied about how the material would be shared. The 50 womenContinue Reading

A 60-day national state of emergency has entered into force in Ecuador. The measure was announced by President Guillermo Lasso on Monday evening in response to a wave of violent crime. Guillermo Lasso said the police and armed forces were being mobilized and their presence would be felt “with force”Continue Reading

Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has resigned under pressure from a corruption scandal. He proposed Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg as a replacement. After raids in several places associated with his conservative ÖVP people’s party, Mr. Kurz and nine other people were investigated. He denies claims that he used government funds toContinue Reading