DAKAR, Senegal — The Democratic Republic of Congo, home to one of the largest old-growth rainforests on earth, is auctioning off vast amounts of land in a push to become “the new destination for oil investments,” part of a global shift as the world retreats on fighting climate change inContinue Reading

Ukraine’s victory at the Eurovision Song Contest brought national pride, joy and artistic prestige to the country amid the devastation of war. Now, it will also help supply drones to the Ukrainian army. Kalush Orchestra, the Ukrainian band that won Eurovision after sweeping the phone-in popular vote, put its trophyContinue Reading

The mural shows Indian calvary troops advancing from both sides on a cornered British army, guns blazing. In one part of the 18th-century battlefield, the victorious commander sits on an elephant holding a red rose. To a leading British historian of India, the roughly 32-foot-long masterpiece, which goes on saleContinue Reading

The seas were high and the fog was thick in December 1746 when the Prince de Conty, a French frigate returning home from China with tea, ceramics and roughly 100 gold ingots, foundered in the Atlantic, just 10 miles from shore. Its bounty sank beneath the waves and laid untouchedContinue Reading

As smallpox outbreaks ravaged communities in the 18th century, one of the first people in Russia to embrace a precursor to vaccines was Catherine the Great, the empress famed for promoting the latest knowledge in the arts and sciences from her throne. Catherine’s support for an early form of inoculationContinue Reading