MADRID — NATO’s top official said Tuesday that Turkey had dropped its objections to the membership of Sweden and Finland, two historically nonaligned nations that, alarmed by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, have asked to join the military alliance. Turkey’s reversal is a blow to President Vladimir V. Putin, who inContinue Reading

LONDON — Ecstatic cheers bounced around a specially built 3,000-capacity hexagonal arena Thursday night as the members of Abba — one of pop music’s behemoths — slowly emerged from beneath the stage, their classic ’70s hairstyles leading the way, to play their first concert in over 40 years. As aContinue Reading

Under an agreement with the Soviet Union, Finland stayed outside the alliance, which was created to contain Russia after World War II. It remained independent in the post-Soviet era even after joining the European Union and growing ever closer with the West. Until now, Sweden had kept to more thanContinue Reading

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine created new fears, and the Swedes, dragged along by Finland, are expected to apply, reluctantly, to join the alliance and its collective defense. May 13, 2022 TOFTA, Sweden — The Gotland regiment of the Swedish Army was going through its paces, practicing how to use itsContinue Reading

BRUSSELS — In a rapid response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and in the face of Moscow’s warnings to NATO to stop its enlargement, Finland and Sweden are seriously debating applications for membership in the alliance and are widely expected to join. The accession of both countries would be anotherContinue Reading

Magdalena Andersson hopes to lead her Social Democrats to victory in next year’s election, while under fire from the far right. STOCKHOLM — Magdalena Andersson’s back — and hoping to return her Social Democrats to their glory days. Andersson was named Sweden’s prime minister for the second time in fiveContinue Reading