LONDON — Two weeks before a global summit on climate change that some fear is already foundering, Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain on Tuesday tried to recapture momentum by announcing a host of measures to bolster his own country’s push toward carbon neutrality. The British government published documents outliningContinue Reading

SAKHALIN ISLAND, Russia — Sixteen wind turbines are slated to go up amid the winding coast and wooded hills of this Russian island in the Pacific, creating a wind park bigger than any that currently exists in the vast reaches of the country’s Far East. The clean energy generated byContinue Reading

Kuwait announced last month that it planned to invest more than $6 billion in exploration over the next five years to increase production to four million barrels a day, from 2.4 million now. This month, the United Arab Emirates, a major OPEC member that produces four million barrels of oilContinue Reading

WASHINGTON — For the septuagenarian lawmakers who wrote the historic climate bill that Congress passed on Friday, and the 79-year-old president who is about to sign it into law, the measure represents a “once in a generation” victory. But younger Democrats and climate activists crave more. They look at theContinue Reading

The climate and tax deal announced by Senate Democrats on Wednesday would pump hundreds of billions of dollars into programs designed to speed the country’s transition away from an economy based largely on fossil fuels and toward cleaner energy sources. The legislation, called the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, isContinue Reading

WASHINGTON — The $369 billion climate and tax package forged in a surprise deal by Senate Democrats on Wednesday would be the most ambitious action ever taken by the United States to try to stop the planet from catastrophically overheating. The agreement, which Senate Democrats hope to pass as earlyContinue Reading

PORT LLIGAT, Spain — Moises Tibau clambered aboard his small wooden boat at dawn, pushing off from a craggy outcropping in front of the house where Salvador Dalí composed some of his most famous Surrealist paintings. Mr. Tibau, one of the two remaining fishermen in this speck of a MediterraneanContinue Reading

WASHINGTON — On the day after what was left of his legislative agenda to fight climate change appeared to crash and burn in the Senate, President Biden flew to Saudi Arabia, ready to press the region’s oil giants to pump even more crude onto global markets. Mr. Biden came toContinue Reading

WASHINGTON — First, he killed a plan that would have forced power plants to clean up their climate-warming pollution. Then, he shattered an effort to help consumers pay for electric vehicles. And, finally, he said he could not support government incentives for solar and wind companies or any of theContinue Reading

In a landmark vote for Europe’s climate and energy policies, the European Parliament on Wednesday endorsed labeling some gas and nuclear energy projects as “green,” allowing them access to hundreds of billions of euros in cheap loans and even state subsidies. The decision placed the European Union’s heavy thumb onContinue Reading