Good morning. We’re covering the fallout from Afghanistan’s earthquake and torrential flooding in China. Afghanistan takes stock of quake Afghan officials said that rescue efforts were winding down after a 5.9-magnitude earthquake, which struck early Wednesday morning and was believed to have killed more than 1,000 people. As hope forContinue Reading

One hundred days ago, before sunrise, Russia launched artillery strikes on Ukraine before sending troops racing toward major cities, beginning a war against a much smaller country and outnumbered military that seemed destined to quickly topple the government in Kyiv. But the brutal invasion has ripped apart those predictions, reawakeningContinue Reading

Paul Stronski, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace who has studied Russia’s relations with Africa, said the United States and Europe liked to think that Russia has been isolated since it invaded Ukraine. “Macky Sall’s visit on behalf of the African Union, the votes at theContinue Reading

DAKAR, Senegal — With many of the world’s poorest countries facing alarming levels of hunger and starvation, the leader of the African Union is set to meet with President Vladimir V. Putin on Friday and urge him to lift Russia’s blockade on urgently needed cereals and fertilizer from Ukraine. PresidentContinue Reading

Good morning. We’re covering a school shooting in Texas, Russia’s narrowed focus in Ukraine’s east and diplomacy in Africa. A deadly school shooting in Texas Nineteen children and two teachers were killed on Tuesday in a single classroom at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Officers fatally shot the 18-year-oldContinue Reading

The United States will increase coronavirus vaccine assistance to 11 African nations, officials said on Thursday, in an effort to prevent future variants and bolster inoculation efforts in the least vaccinated continent. Through the Initiative for Global Vaccine Access, or Global Vax, the Biden administration will provide “intensive financial, technicalContinue Reading

Facing pressure for keeping its Covid vaccine out of reach of poorer countries, Moderna said on Tuesday that it had agreed to sell up to 110 million shots to African Union member nations. The company said it would deliver 15 million of the shots by the end of this yearContinue Reading