Casas Adobes avoids redistribution – Let’s See Todays News Updates

Residents of Casas Adobes, based in Ina Road and Oracle, have reason to feel insulted after this week’s redistribution discussion.
Arizona Independent Redistribution Commissioner David Mehle and others have made it very clear that they do not want the residents of Casas Adobes in the district with their neighbors in the Marana and Oro Valley.
In fact, Marana Mayor Ed Honia sent a letter signed by others, including Senator Vince Leach, noting that his city is more similar to remote areas such as the Hawthorne Corridor than the nearby town of Casas Adobes.
In the letter, Honea and others describe their community as Sadl Brook, Saddle Brook Ranch, Eagle Cross Image Rock, Red Rock, Marana, Oro Valley, Tank Verde Valley, and Houghton Road Corridor.
It’s an hour’s drive from Saddle Brook Ranch to Safeway, on the corner of Houghton and Broadway.
Of course, while the associations mentioned in the letter support the Republican Party, Kasas Adobes does not.
“Our small communities and non-aligned communities travel from these regions in accordance with the priorities of principles related to work, life and family upbringing,” the letter said.
When asked to speak on the phone, Honea said there was a lot of “small town feeling” in the places he was talking about, with a lot of horse property and members of groups like 4-H and Future Fermers of America.

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Kozachik: The picture of “boycotting Tucson” shows one-sidedness
Curtis Luek, co-chair of the Regional Transport Authority’s project evaluation subcommittee, is drawing the attention of board member Steve Kozachik for trying to boycott Tucson during a major purchase. Luek’s boycott comes as the city plans to increase the amount of water it plans to impose on residents of the non-Pima region.
In an Oct. 25 newspaper article, Kozachik called the move a “point of protest” and suggested that Luke’s boycott showed RTA’s opposition to Tucson. The city is threatening to withdraw from the regional transport plan if the long list of complaints is not resolved by February 1.
“Last week, I suggested to city officials that Mr. Luek evaluate the cost of our project and not advise Tucson residents on how to transfer the costs,” Kozachik wrote. “If we are going to participate in RTA Next, their CEO must monitor and prevent such activities.”
Luek, a close associate of District Chief Chuck Hackelberry, was with him on Oct. 23 when he was riding a bicycle in downtown Hackelberry when he was hit by a car. Hackelberry, who suffered severe head injuries and several broken ribs as a result of the accident, is an opponent. city ​​differential water tariff plan.
“I think he’s making his score incredible,” Luke said of Kozachik on Thursday. “For me, there is no correlation between the different price of water and the RTA.”
Election day in Tussauds is Tuesday
Election day is Tuesday for Tucson voters, and they will determine the future of two votes – one to raise the salaries of city leaders, the other to raise the minimum wage, and the results of three city council races.
63,616 pre-term proposals have already been returned to the City Office. That’s more than one-fifth of the 284,150 ballots sent to voters by mail earlier this month.
Ballot papers that have not yet been cast should be discarded at the polling station. If they are mailed now, they are unlikely to be delivered by 7 p.m. the deadline for election night.
Tucson City Secretary Election Center, 800 E. 12th St. will be the only place to vote openly before election day.
Substitute ballots are also available at several polling stations on election day. Voters in need of replacement must bring a single-form photo ID, such as a driver’s license, or two types of non-photographic identity cards, such as vehicle registration and insurance cards.
If the officials do not accept it by 19.00, the proposal will be canceled. The deadline is election night.

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