Boris Johnson is accused of ignoring coronavirus rules when a Downing Street question-and-answer photo appeared. – Let’s See Todays News Updates

On December 15 last year, a photo was taken in the Sunday Mirror showing the Prime Minister reading Christmas questions and answers for No. 10 staff.

Mr. Johnson is accused of breaking the rules last year by interfering with two assistants in his office

Boris Johnson has been accused of leading a “culture of disregard for the rules” after a picture of him and two colleagues holding a virtual quiz on Downing Street last Christmas.
A video from the Sunday Mirror shows the prime minister appearing on screen in his office reading questions to No. 10 staff.
On December 15 last year, it was reported that the city of London was subject to a Level 2 restriction, in addition to the formation of support bubbles, and a ban on indoor mixing.
“It was a virtual question and answer”
Workers who took part in a Christmas quiz circled the computer, claiming that the groups had broken the rules for gatherings and had been drinking alcohol at a nearby supermarket.
In one case, 24 people gathered in four teams of six in one office, the source said.
A spokesman for Number 10 confirmed the question and answer session, but the prime minister said he was “briefly present”.
The statement said: “It was a virtual question and answer session. Downing Street staff were required to be in the office regularly to respond to the epidemic, so those who came to work in the office may have almost come from their desks.
“The Prime Minister briefly participated in a quiz to thank his staff for their hard work throughout the year.”
Prime Minister “unfit to lead this country”
The Prime Minister’s personal, policy and press teams are involved, according to the Sunday Mirror.
Angela Reiner, shadow chancellor of the Labor Party of Lancaster, responded to the photo: “The rules say people shouldn’t celebrate Christmas at work, and Britons across the country are doing the right thing, but Boris Johnson was happy instead. manage a culture of indifference.
“The number 10 parties have been repeatedly rejected, but now it is clear that the party has participated in a number of parties, rallies and a question and answer contest,” he said.
“Boris Johnson really believes that this is one rule for him and another for other people. He is not a good person to lead this country.”
The photo was taken three days before the prime minister was accused of attending a Christmas party on Downing Street on December 18.
A source told Sky News that about 40 people were in attendance, while other media outlets reported that staff had called for a “Secret Santa” gift.
The gathering is one of three things that have been the subject of a formal investigation by senior government official Simon Case.
This came after last year’s government spokeswoman Allegra Stratton and other staffers posted a video joking about the December 18 incident. After that, Mrs. Stratton resigned.
Two days ago, on December 16, Level 3 restrictions went into effect in London, which means people are not allowed to mix with anyone outside the home, mix with anyone outside the home, or be in an outdoor hospitality area or private park.
The Prime Minister did not break any “satisfied” rules
Downing Street confirmed there was no party, and last week Mr. Johnson said he was “satisfied” that no rules had been broken.
Asked about the scandal reported at the PMQ, he said, “I can say that the guidelines have been followed at all times. I am pleased that the guidelines have always been followed.”
However, Mr Johnson is facing pressure from both sides of the Commons, and many lawmakers say he has lost public confidence in the coronavirus rule.
Mr Case is also investigating a second incident on Downing Street – leaving his assistant.
It is said that it happened on November 27, and the Prime Minister addressed the meeting, reports the Mirror.

He also plans to hold a celebration at the Department of Education, which officials have expressed regret.
The Department of Labor and Pensions (DWP) has since confirmed that Theresa Coffey’s staff drank alcohol several times last year and ate ready meals “until late” when she had coronavirus restrictions.
DWP staff drank and ate “until evening.”

The Sunday Mirror reported that politicians and officials drank alcohol until the morning and ordered food in the office of the secretary of work and pensions at the department’s headquarters in Whitehall.
The DWP confirmed that there had been a case of alcohol consumption at the Whitehall office of the Cabinet Secretary, but stressed that the work was taking place at an abnormal time.
A source told the PA news agency that the office desk was far from public and that there was “no party atmosphere”.
As the controversy surrounding Boris Johnson’s Christmas party escalates, Downing Street is facing a growing struggle against the growing Tory people.

Prime Minister B is expected to face the biggest opposition to the Plan Prime Minister’s vote. will be next week

More than 60 members of the Conservative parliament are opposed to the idea of ​​wearing masks in public, instructing workers to work from home, and keeping vaccine passports in large areas.
“The Conservative Party is in the wrong place”
Steve Baker, a Wicombe MP and deputy chairman of the Covey Recovery Group, told The Sunday Telegraph: “We are saddened to see this kindness and faith being squandered.
“Today’s Conservative Party is going in the wrong direction on a variety of issues and moving in the opposite direction to conservatism.”
Graham Brady, a Member of Parliament for Altrincham and Sale West and chairman of the 1922 committee, accused the government of “the nonsense of the authorities.”
He added to The Sunday Telegraph: “Government communications (which we pay for) are spreading fear and anxiety and making people sick.”

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